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  1. bluewafflz88

    Hi protein keto diet plus rad/test e safe??

    Wondering if a high protein diet w a test alone/test e stack is safe. I feel fucking best I ever had off of a cycle w this diet and my energy is thru the roof. I?m letting my body dictate how safe I think it is yet I?m wondering if the high fat no carb hi protein will hurt in any way. I could...
  2. bluewafflz88

    Test E and Rad-140 cycle

    Running 500mg test E split up twice weekly and 10mg Rad-140. Anybody run a stack like this? I?m getting conflicting opinions. Do they work against each other?
  3. bluewafflz88

    Appendectomy During LGD 4033 cycle!!

    Just has appendectomy on 3rd week of an 8 week Ligandrol cycle. Any comments on whether or not I should finish or stop immediately? Can't really hit the gym for a few weeks which blowwzzz. But I've also seen it aids in the healing process. I'd opt for continuing unless their valid enough...