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    Europa Expo Dallas

    Headed to the Europa Expo with the family in a week to check it out. This will be our first time attending one of these expos and it looks like it will be packed. Has anyone ever been? I plan on going both days to be able to cover the whole thing. Do ya'll have any tips on things to do or...
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    Low testosterone labs please help!

    I'm 8 weeks into a sarms triple stack and decided to get my testosterone level checked just to see where I am at. I didn't check it before I started my stack so I don't know what it was before. I just did the testosterone serum test and got my results back today. It's showing my levels at 42...
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    First sarms triple stack log

    This is going to be my first ever log, so bear with me. I'm a 35 year old male 5'6" 185 pounds with about 15% body fat and have been lifting for 16 years. I'm starting a triple stack of the GW (25mg day), S4 (25mg twice daily), and Ostarine (25mg day). The only other supplements that I'm...
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    Ostarine side effects for women

    Are there any women on here that have and side effects while on ostarine? My wife has been on ostarine for a little over two months and has noticed that her menstrual cycle has been very sporadic and almost seems that she is always pmsing and moody. Does the ostarine usually affect a woman's...
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    Sarm cycle for women

    Looking into getting a cut cycle for my wife for the summer. What would be a good cycle and dosing for women?
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    New customer to pure essence research

    I'm new to pure essence research and just recently made an order. I've been using evolution peptides for about a year and am trying pure essence for the first time. I was just wondering if pure essence has a mailing list for sales or specials? I usually try to use coupon codes to save money on...