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  1. Maxadvance


    Looking for a domestic source, any sponsors on here have it?
  2. Maxadvance

    3 Clemson Players suspended for Bowl for Ostarine

    Probably cuz the shit works, Dabo says it could have come from anywhere like a drink or their shampoo, lololol
  3. Maxadvance

    Best Way to Avoid Painful Knot in my Ass

    I started pinning 1ml of Robo masteron and it's not too bad, and it's not every pin maybe every other pin. But it's bigger than golf ball size and it hurts at that annoying level, not too bad but it still sucks. Maybe I'm pinning too quickly or something, but what to the veterans do to minimize...
  4. Maxadvance

    Pharma Lady - Gear porn- On time

    I won't give away her secret, but let's just say she has a few tricks up her sleeve to get it past customs, so if you're a little skeptical about international delivery trust me when I say she's got the knowhow to make it happen with little suspicion. She provides tracking as well, entered...
  5. Maxadvance

    Someone Explain Bitcoin Please

    My fucking head is ready to explode. Do some wallets have better performance than others? Along with fees and exchange rates? Thanks
  6. Maxadvance

    Good News SR-9009 users

    Looks like taking massive doses of the stuff reduces plaque in the arteries of mice. Hopefully smaller amounts can be beneficial too. Suppression of atherosclerosis by synthetic REV-ERB agonist. Sitaula S1, Billon C2, Kamenecka TM1, Solt LA1, Burris...
  7. Maxadvance


    Did I miss something, where did the organized list of sponsors go to?
  8. Maxadvance

    Best Success for Repairing Cholesterol and Triglycerides

    Just got bloods back, and my cholesterol is fucked and my tri's were 375. I kind of got lazy and was just occasionally taking my fish oil pills, when I did it religiously the Tri's were at 160. I'm cruising at 200 T Cyp and 150 deca and began a sarms stack 2 weeks back. What are some success...
  9. Maxadvance

    Anyone allergic to coconut oil?

    Been using Test C w grapeseed oil w no problems. Now alternating that w some test c w coconut oil and Deca w coconut oil. Been getting some good size welts and soreness the day after injecting and lasting 2-3 days.
  10. Maxadvance

    Reasons for low dosed product

    Just wondering. Saw some recent complaints about some anavar from Pharmalady , and some injectables from other sponsors. Is it like some under potent raws from labs in China and the product is getting made with what we think is the right dosing, but it's off because they have no way of testing...
  11. Maxadvance

    Insulin Needles

    Best deal I've seen out there @ $12.50 for a box of 100 , no tax free shipping
  12. Maxadvance

    Great Service

    Thanks for a super fast and convenient order. 1 day domestic , easy transaction. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Maxadvance

    Is it just me or .....

    is the site acting really sloooowwww, way slower than the past couple days
  14. Maxadvance

    Esters and PIP

    Saw this posted by one of the Doctors at the clinic I use. Last part puts it all together lol "The discomfort/irritation caused by various esters tends to correlate with the length of the carbon chain of the various esters, with SHORTER carbon chains generally causing more irritation. Cypionate...
  15. Maxadvance

    Hey Y'all

    Just saying hey. I'm 50 yo, 6'2", 220lbs currently on TRT. Started a year and a half ago with compounded T cream with decent results and with no ai's. My primary was an older dude that really isn't up to date on the therapy. Luckily, just like I found this website by seeing one of Dylan's...