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    Cycle Timing After Show

    Hey guys, I was just wondering your thoughts on a cycle AFTER a show. I was wondering if there are any benefits to letting your body naturally get back to homeostasis, or if I could get on 250mg/week of Test-E while I'm still lean from prep? 6'3 200lbs ~9% bf
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    Partial Robo Review

    Hey guys! Just wanted to say I recently placed an order with Robolics and he was great. Right to the point, simple process, VERY fast delivery. I appreciate the style of business and just wanted to give a thumbs up. I ordered 2 vials of Test-E and Winstrol. I'm not planning this cycle until...
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    PCT Source

    I know sarmsx ran into some damage from the hurricane and it's understandable they need some time to regroup. Does anyone else have any suggestions for sources that have properly dosed clomid, aromasin, tamoxifen etc.? Or is it best to wait until they are up and running in November?
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    Show day diet

    Hey guys, I wanted to get your opinion on what to eat for the morning of a show.... I've heard a few different things, some as clean as steak/sweet potatoes in the morning, with rice cakes throughout the day and some sugar to bring out the vascularity before the show. I've also heard of some...
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    Blood work advice

    Hey guys, I am getting prepared to run my first cycle within the next 4 months or so. I have a very good idea about what I will be running, but I want to get into that later (most likely just 12 weeks test-e). For now, I want to get blood work done before and after just for my own...
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    New Member

    Hey everyone, I have been a follower of iSARMS videos for awhile now and recently decided to make an account here on the forums. I have been lurking for a bit and this is my first post just to introduce myself. I am currently a natural amateur bodybuilder looking to take things to the next level...