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    Robo TD

    Same as usual. Absolutely flawless and FAST. Test cyp always a winner. Thanks!
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    Key Info for Those with Bloods high in BUN or Creatinine

    Hey brothers, wanted to pass on some info. Background: Been on TRT past 2+ years (test cyp at 150mg/week). This particular place had tightened rules to prevent abuse so I had been getting bloods routinely (every 10 weeks). Had a test in Feb which came back flagged HIGH for Creatinine and...
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    shout to IWGF

    Just a public shout out and thanks to IWGF. Had some frustrations on my end (damn WU) on an order but he is 1st class and patient and we worked it out. Expecting TD anytime now. Gonna try some of the new items on the list :) Alotta great folks on this board but can't go wrong with a pro...
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    BillB's TRT recomp results. Advice welcome pls.

    Disclaimer: I am not a vet or pro like some of the outstanding contributors on this board. Just mid-40's yr old who really enjoys challenges and trying to be as disciplined as I can. Sharing this log in interest of this community and also to get some valuable feedback from you guys on next...
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    Great Scientific Study of Test-e

    Though I would share this paper on a study done in perfect experimental fashion for 600mg/week test-e for 10 weeks. results are not shocking but numbers and precision is fantastic. Group1 - placebo / no workout 2 - test / no workout 3 - placebo / workout 4 - test / workout...
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    Short blast

    Anyone hear ever done a short blast with Test-p for 30 days? Was reading somewhere and it was usual contradicting stuff so asking the family here. Something I have wondered about but just sounds like a very short time. I am on TRT and something like this would be interesting to try out...
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    Supplements for Mental Focus

    Hi guys, can someone recommend a good fat burner/pre workout which gives that kick-ass focus? I could never isolate which ingredients gave the intense focus (borderline euphoric). I remember Detonate was good and Synerdrex (of course in old day Ephedra was the thing...). I love this for...
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    Dexa Scan and BF %

    Hi guys, I am booked this Saturday for a dexascan which is supposed to be about the best way to get complete BF mapping. I am doing this for motivation as well (you buy 2 and do one pre/post cut - not cheap so will use this as my inspiration and concrete stats target). Anyone hear done...
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    shoulder/joint supplements

    Hi guys, asking for some help as usual......time to time I get the aches, etc in shoulders. Done my share of lifting and martial arts so its usual wear and tear of time (46 yr old). Hoping Dorin or someone has a quick pick on this one so I can amazon in an order.... Can you guys recommend a...
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    Best Time for Bloodwork on cycle

    Hi guys, I have been researching and there is alot of info about various curves for test values in your system by day after injection (for here I am referring to long esters like test E, C). And I know everyone varies in their own body chemistry to a degree, etc. Here is my question. What...
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    Quick Question for Seniors about PIP

    Hi guys, quick one. Test cyp has been my go-to for TRT and also for blasts on occasion. Never really had any big PIP. I always do quad injections (I know some do not like but works for me). I may have a little tightness next day but it works out and all good. However, 2 times in a row, I...
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    never have to get draw needles now :)

    Needleless Vial Adaptor: Access Device Hi all, just wanted to share. Alot of you seniors may already know but I got this needless access valve given to me by TRT doc. It snaps onto vial then you remove needle from syringe and easy draw. Its great! I had been drawing and shooting w/21g...
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    Pre-workout supp

    I'm not a senior member and not nearly knowledgeable as you bros on here but did want to pass along my personal experience. I have been using Labrada Super Charge (preworkout) for YEARS... but mgr at my supp sore recommended Stim by Blackmarket has been a blast as I am stim tolerant...
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    ok, not crazy but wtf?

    Hey bros, quick question and makes no sense to me but.... SO I am on week5 (of 10) of simple test cyp 500mg/week and kicked off with 50mg/day TBOL (will end TBOL this week). Arimidex every 3rd day (1/4 pill). Here is my question, so about every week I get deep tissue massage - have forever...
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    Test Cyp - Post cycle test levels q

    Hello all. I am currently running 500mg/week test cyp and Tbol (Tbol only 1st 4). My question is post last test injection of the cycle, how long until my bloods back to "normal"? ---normal TRT blood test level about 800 --- I need to do a TRT Dr blood test some time after so trying to work...
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    all the bros in india

    See a few posters from time to time on here from India. I will be visiting there in a while. I know pharmacies there are kind of open for buying many things that you would otherwise need a script for. But for test cyp, do you know if you can get over the counter there? (Bangalore) help...
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    Orals and Test Blodd Levels

    New member here but long time reader....Here is my question. I am currently on TRT 200mg weekly of test cyp. Love it and dont want to mess with Rx by doing something crazy at test time. For Tbol, Anavar and Dbol, which will influence test levels and to what degree? Def do not want to spike...