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  1. 9th Wonder

    Axio Gear

    Its about that time! I’ll be running some Axio juice in the coming weeks. Test E has been my go to with great results but haven’t ran any prop yet so I’m looking forward to seeing how it’s treats me. I’ll be posting some blood work soon enough... TRT dose of Axio test e has been great so I...
  2. 9th Wonder

    Sibutraplex Fat Burner ReBranded

    I’ve gotten a large amount of inquiries over the months and it’s back! Rebranded as EU Pharmaceuticals Fat Blast 20 (formally Axio Sibutraplex) is ready. The profile is a bit different then the previous version missing 10mg of GW and 10mg of Var. The easy fix is to order the two items...
  3. 9th Wonder

    Peak Performance Oils- RESTOCKED

    I had a ton of inquiries over the last couple weeks regarding PP gear. Everything is restocked outside of Primo so here is the updated list and pricing with it. Questions, shoot me a PM and I’ll get you situated. Peak Performance 20ml: Test Cyp 250 $120 Test E 250 $120 Test Prop 100 $100...
  4. 9th Wonder

    Axio & Peak Menu

    It’s about that time.... yeah buddy.
  5. 9th Wonder

    Sibutraplex Info

    I’ve been getting quite a few messages pertaining to the contents or what to expectations to have regarding the use of Sibutraplex. Here’s what I got- Sibutraplex Contents: Caffeine- 200mg Beta Alanine- 55mg Vit B3 (Noctinic Acid)- 25mg Dimethylamlamine HCL- 30mg Sibutramine- 20mg...
  6. 9th Wonder

    Axio Cialis- Professional

    Very impressed with the Axio line. The attention to detail, packaging and quality of product is on point. As you can see these pressed tabs at 20mg/100ct. and they are scored dead center making it easy to break in half. After breaking it doesn’t crumble into powder pieces either. Legit and...
  7. 9th Wonder

    Post CT and 9th Wonder

    Alright Isarms... I’m going to be logging Dylan’s new Post CT test booster and really looking forward to speaking to my experience over the next four weeks. I’m glad Dylan decided to start his own line cause I know he always puts his best foot forward with everything he does.... especially...
  8. 9th Wonder

    BGS, Axio, Peak Performance & Syntrom Injectables

    So I wanted to send out a menu with all the new goods/oils we have on deck. I haven't ran Axio just yet but I've heard nothing but good stuff. Check it out and let me know if you have any questions. Shipping is $15 for orders $200 or less. Shipping will be fast like it's typically been in the...
  9. 9th Wonder

    Tren and NPP Sale

    IWANNAGOFASTER and Myself decided to put together a little Father's Day promo to show our appreciation to all the Dad's and awesome members here at ISARMS.... We VERY rarely do any deals so now is your chance to get some free shit.. here is! Every 2 bottles of Tren A or NPP gets you a free...
  10. 9th Wonder

    Time to Tren HARD!

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  11. 9th Wonder

    Heavy Metals In Popular Protein Bars

    I read this and couldn't believe it... buts that's the nutrition industry for ya. Some of the most popular protein bars contain heavy metals, like lead, and fail to meet their label claims, according to a lab test by Labdoor, a 5-year-old San Francisco start up backed by billionaire Mark...
  12. 9th Wonder

    Customer Testimonials- IWGF/9th Wonder/BGS

    I just wanted to post some testimonials regarding our service for some of the new comers so you can feel confident working with us. For those of you who are looking for a quality source, shoot me (or IWGF) a PM and I'll get you squared away. Checkout these responses guys..... "Customer...
  13. 9th Wonder

    Domestic Pharma & BGS Gear- List

    I wanted to shoot the board available options for quality gear as we quickly make our way into the new year, 2017! Damn time flys... And I can't believe it's almost Christmas!?! All BGS gear is excellent.. I'm a big fan of the no Ester oils and the oral caps are on point. Constantly hearing...
  14. 9th Wonder

    HGH Source Right Here

    I've gotten a ton of PM's regarding HGH and I don't want to leave anyone out who has sent me a message in the past when we were out. Now we have even more options available then before so hit me up if you need more specific info. HGH Menu -Omnitrope 30iu cartridges. Minimum 90ius...
  15. 9th Wonder

    Bgs eq 300

    I'm a big fan of EQ.. Especially if you like dry lean gains all of which are very keepable after you wrap up your cycle. 16-20 weeks at 800mg a week is the money spot for me. I have to be a bit careful cause my RBC goes up pretty easy so if you don't donate blood often, you should...
  16. 9th Wonder

    Bgs- tne 50

    If you haven't tried a PWO before this is a great one to roll with. I usually dose 1ml 90 min before I train and it is very noticeable that my test goes through the roof. Absolutely love this option.
  17. 9th Wonder

    BGS- Test/Tren Stockpile!

    It's that time of year in my household.. Time to get big... minus the dirty bulk.
  18. 9th Wonder

    BGS- New Branding Same Gear

    Sick lineup..
  19. 9th Wonder

    Proform Labs

    I've been running Proform labs Test Cyp since Feb.. that deal, two jugs for the price of one (or something like that) I couldn't pass up and glad I didn't. It's smooth as hell and have felt great the entire time. Turn around time on the gear was the fastest I've dealt, shot out to IWGF for...
  20. 9th Wonder

    Head Rep Domestic Pharma, BGS, Proform Labs

    I just wanted to announce that I'm going to be the head rep for Domestic Pharma, BGS & Proform Labs. I will be working directly with IWGF who will still be very present here at the forum, but If you have any questions I'm also here as a resource. We have a great lineup of gear fellas and the...