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    Bridging Between Tren Cycles While on TRT

    Which SARM would work best for bridging between Tren cycles to keep the gains? I'm on TRT (higher end of the spectrum). Since I've already decided to run both GW (while on Tren as per Dylan's recommendation) and MK-677 (6+ months), I prefer not to stack too many more compounds due to cost, etc...
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    RAD-140 vs LGD: Theory vs Practice

    Hello, I've been reading about RAD-140, LGD-4033 and MK-2866 (Ostarine). It's clear that RAD is more powerful than Ostarine (supression is not an issue for me as I'm on TRT) but I'm not so sure about RAD vs LGD. Looking at the anabolic:androgenic ratios, RAD being 20:1 and LGD being 10:1, RAD...
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    SARMs Stack for Maxiumum Fat Loss

    Hi, I'm on TRT and have no trouble putting on muscle but have problems leaning down to Dylan levels of body fat. What is the best SARM stack to add to my TRT and/or my test/tren/mast cycle for fat loss? I'm already aware that diet is key. Perhaps SARMs that use a different pathway would be of...
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    SARMS question

    It's great to see someone knowledgeable discuss SARMs in detail. I think they are the next big thing in the world of bodybuilding and fitness. I have a question; How does Laxogenin stack up against other SARMs? Is it better? If not, what is the most powerful SARM? Large supplement companies...