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    Where the hell have I been and did I finish my cycle? YES!

    Hello Dylan and isarms community! I disappeared and left people wondering wtf? The short version of the story is my job gave me literally 2 weeks to get packed and move across the globe for 3 months just near the end of my GW/Osta stack. Original plan was that when I got there I could follow-up...
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    Female log: First cutting cycle with gw/ostarine stack

    OK - I am back and ready to get this log started. I mentioned I’d keep a log from the female perspective with a GW + Ostarine stack. Everything arrived in good time and I’ve needed to wait to this week to be organized enough to get started. The past 4-6 weeks I was hit with a horrible...
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    New Female Asking for some info on Cardarine and Ostarine First

    Hi there, new here. I will answer the basics to give an idea as to what I'm asking for help and info apologies, some detail here but thought it might help. Female Age:39 Height: 5’4” Weight: between 149-153lbs BF: Not sure at the moment. Based on visual estimates and one previous time...