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    Water Fasting On Cycle?

    Has anyone ever done a water fast while on cycle? Like the last 10 days of the cutting cycle? Current Cycle Winny 75mg a day Tren A 150mg EOD Test P 150mg EOD Aromasin 25mg ED Wouldnt the gear shield the muscles and increase meto during fast?
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    Started New Cycle

    Alright so I started my cycle on Wednesday. I am currently using Tren A, Test Prop and Anadrol 50mg. I am currently taking. 100mg Tren A EOD 150mg Test P EOD 75mg Anadrol 3IU HGH ED 25mg Exemestane Taking Cycle Support as well Weird thing is I am still not feeling anything yet. I usually start...
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    Adderall on cycle?

    So Ive been taking Adderall for 15 years for my ADHD. I am starting my 4th cycle as soon as my gear arrives. Question is should I stop taking my Adderall during the cycle? I stopped taking it 2 years ago but got back on it 6 months and and take it everyday 30MG IR 3 times a day. I know its a...
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    Geneza Pharmaceuticals?!?

    Hey so I just purchased my gear and the brand is Geneza Pharma. Has anyone tried this brand is it a good brand Yes or Nah? Let me know ur opinions
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    Starting Fourth Cycle

    Whats up guys! Thinking of starting my 4th cycle and have wanted to get some thoughts. My stats 30 6’1 170 11% BF. Thinking of doing a Tren E, Test P, Anadrol, Anavar Cycle. Thoughts? Should Inuse Tren A for faster results? Let me know guys. Only ran drol once before usually use dbol but makes...