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    And now?

    Hi! I m just about to end an LGD S4 cycle. I will do nolva and GW 4 weeks as Dylan suggested some time ago. Some questions. Do I need N2 generate? When can I stard a new cycle? I gained 4 kg and lost some fat with this cycle. Now I would like something stronger. Never been on roids. I read...
  2. J

    Replace S4

    Hi guys I am doing an LGD S4 cycle but finally I have to stop S4 for eye issues. I still have 4 weeks to complete my 12 weeks on LGD. Can I stack LGD to another sarm to replace S4 and take advantage of the last 4 weeks? My goal was building mass and loose a little fat. Dylan recommended a 4...
  3. J

    S4 again

    Hi again guys! I have had problems with S4. I was supposed to do a 12 week cycle of LGD 10 mg and S4 50 mg split dose. Finally my eye problems made me stop S4 a week ago. Yesterday was the first day without eye tint or night view impairment. Should I start at 25/day for 2 weeks and try to jump...
  4. J


    Hi guys! I started 10 mg LGD and 50 mg S4. (25+25) a week ago. I started with the yellow tint yesterday. Should I stop S4 or can I go ahead? Thanks
  5. J

    New to sarms

    Hi guys! trying to start with sarms . I basicly want to build muscle,. 42 years, i am ectomorph . No need to reduce my fat which is low i think. Could you tell me which sarms and what dose should i stack? Thank you