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    Happy Mothers's Day

    Happy Mother's Day to all the Moms out there! Enjoy your special day.
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    Female Triple Stack Question

    My wife is about to start her triple stack. She has ran this stack in the past with great results. Is it necessary for her to dose the MK2866 at 12.5mg for the first two weeks or can she go straight into 25mg since she has used this compound before without any problems? Thanks
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    Question about red blood cell count

    First off I know the importance of donating blood and that donating will bring the count down. Is it not beneficial to have a slightly elevated RBC count while on? Reference range is 4.14-5.80. Blood pressure is good and the rest of the blood panel is in range (besides test) which is elevated...
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    Female SARMS Question

    My wife has done a couple of sarms cycles with great results. Her last was the triple stack along with 10mg var per day- 6 weeks. Next time around she wants to skip the var but add another sarm to the triple stack that will allow her to put on the mass similar to what var did for her. Any advice...
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    Possible side effect??

    Anyone experience eyebrow and eyelash color change to a lighter tint while on SARMS? Specifically with cut stack?
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    BCAA Recommendation

    Can anyone recommend a good BCAA brand. Thanks guys.
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    Question on MK-677

    This sounds like an interesting compound to run with TRT. For those that have used it, how long must it be run before any effect is felt or observed? I understand it should be run for a year or so. Is it worth the money if you have it to spend? Just looking for some experienced input.
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    Organ ST Timing

    Is it ok to take in the evening if orals are taken in the morning, or has too much time passed?
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    Was wondering if any of the vets could explain what it is and if its effects can be minimized.
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    AST/ALT Levels Spiked WTF?

    Blood report came back with AST (SGOT) @ 198. Reference Range 0-40 IU/L ALT (SGPT) @ 83. Reference Range 0-44 IU/L What the hell? This is a pre blast blood run up. My last two blood panels came back at the lower end of the scale. My blasts were...
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    SARMSX Payment

    Wire transfer only? Is this correct?
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    Rock solid! Super fast. Great customer service as well. Word
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    What's Your Vice?

    Been feeling guilty about it lately, but I just can't help myself. I guess it's how I'm wired. I just really enjoy plugging in a fat lip of Copenhagen. I know it's bad, really unhealthy. I just fucking love a dip of tobacco. I eat a fat steak just off the bbq with a fat potato parked right next...
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    Robo Liquid Orals

    Has anyone tried any of the liquid orals offered?
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    cycle comparison

    Want to do a 20 wk cycle. T-Bol for a kick off first 6 weeks along with Depot Test and Equipoise. Already have the arsenal of estrogen protection and pct all from sarmsx. Last blood report was on point and I'm ready to roll. I am not a computer guy and think I'm about done with the whole bitcoin...
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    Post PCT Blood Results

    First time posting attachment. Hope it works.
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    Lucky to have found this place! Great info, seems like solid group of people. Just want to throw out a quick intro. Male 47 years 6'0 185lbs 10-12% body fat consistently first cycle- age 27 Sustanon 250 only Several cycles since, always test only various esters hitting the iron since 1989 I'm...
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    Blood panel question

    Is it necessary to fast 12 hours before female blood panel?
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    Testosterone and what?

    Stats Male 47 years old 6' 185 lbs 10% bf Lifting since my 20's AAS use - testosterone only,several cycles throught the years. First cycle at 27 years old. Have always used test only at very moderate dosages. Started at 250mg week of sustanon for usually 12 weeks. Never been above 500mg of depo...
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    This is what I use for estrogen control and it works great. Wondering if anyone else notices slight ringing in their ears when using it?