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    cruise with test/deca question for any with experience

    i heard someone say, you realize how good deca is for the joints when you come off deca...very true, especially with us older guys. I watched a video be Dylan where he spoke of "trt cruise with low deca". My question is, can this cruise (150 test/150 deca) be followed be a cycle of say 300...
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    older guys and orals

    I'm 52, soon to be 53. I just completed a 12 week 250 test/250 deca cycle (really wanted to avoid sides and ease into something other than Test). I tried tbol as a kick start due to mild (reletively speaking) side effectts and wanted more clean gains. The letheragy after 3 weeks at 40mg (split...
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    2nd cycle suggustion for older guy

    hi, i ran first cycle, test only 250 per week...gained about 15lbs and strength went way up. Im 52, 6'3" weighed 227 at start...finished up at 242. the only issue i had was that bp went from 120/78 to 145/90 quickly...I mean within a few weeks. the highest was 150/93. Now, i admit...i didn't do...
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    Question for male 50+

    I've been trying to research some information on effectiveness of steroids for men over 50. I'm almost 52, 6'3" 225, probably in the 15% bf range. BP is on the low to normal side and chlosterol is in check. My testosterone is at a level that I don't qualify for TRT. 7 yrs ago I was 245, not a...