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    8 month 51 year old TRT protocol results with labs and recent DEXA scan

    Been almost 8 months on TRT, started at 116 mg per week test cyp, now at 140 mg per week 60 mg every three days( 20 mg per day average). Age 51 male. Pre-TRT weight ~185 lbs Current weight ~205 lbs 11.8% BF reported last DEXA, but think close to 10% now Also: 12.5 mg MK-677 every day 25-50...
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    Help interpreting recent blood tests while on TRT

    116 mg Test cyp per week 12.5 mg MK-677 daily 5 mg RAD-140 daily (for about 6 weeks, just finished) 0.05 ml Ipamorelin/CJC-1295 post workout 300 mcg BPC-157 as needed age 50, current weight ~202 lbs, ~ 10% bodyfat Modified Keto diet with 4 meals per day 40 grams whey/beef/egg protein per meal...
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    Question about MK-677 effects after 13 days of use.

    New here, and really appreciate this forum's information. Link to my introduction and full stats: I am an old guy (over 50) and recently started a cycle of MK-677. My near-intermediate term...