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    Week 12 update, start cutting..

    Ok I'm on week 12, added S4 and Winstrol to existing cycle for 4 more weeks. 225 lbs today at 5'8"
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    MK2866 healed me!!!

    Ok for those of you who know me, I'm running a 16 week bulk to cut cycle. Started at 202lbs at 68" 46 years old. Former pro bber. Right around week 7 I was at 226lbs feeling great doing chest and tris and I had a snapping sensation in my groin/lower ab area. First thought is I just got a hernia...
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    AFreaking Hernia at 7 weeks!

    Well fuck me getting old. Friday night getting ready to do simple straight bar push downs for tris after doing heavy chest training and on the first rep I hear a pop and feel an excruciating pain in my lower right pelvic going into my crotch. Pretty sure I just created a Inguinal Hernia. I'm 7...
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    Day 31 and 17lbs bigger

    Ok its been 31 days or 4 weeks on my 16 weeks bulk cycle. I was expecting about 20 lbs but I am thinking its gong to be closer to 30 lbs unless I slow down. I started at 205 at 5'8" and now i am 222 lbs as of this morning. I weigh myself always in the am for accurate weight (of course right...
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    Day 27, Need to re-evaluate my thoughts

    Ok it's 27 days into my cycle I'm doing 500 mgs per week of test mix and ena, 600 mgs Boldenone per week, HGH at 4-6 ius per day, almost done with the A-50 at only 25mgs every other day, mk677 at 12.5 per day first thing in the morning with GW50156 at 10 mgs per day with 7.5 mgs of Cialis. Just...