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    Pharma Lady Summer Cut

    200mg twice a week- PL Cypionate (Platinum Biotech) 50mg daily of PL Injectable Winstrol (Platinum Biotech) for 6 weeks (In week 3 now). No PIP at all. 3 units of PL Bio Trope HGH Daily (Been on for 4 months) Starting weight 4 months ago was 227 pounds. I'm 42 years old. Now down to 217...
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    Pharma Lady Coming Through

    Just received my 4th order from PL. Got some Bio Trope, Cypionate, Winstrol Depot, and Cialis (not shown). Order took exactly 3 weeks due to the USPS. PL did her part on getting it here and then it sat in a Chicago distribution warehouse for 2 weeks before getting delivered today. A bit...
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    Pharma Lady Platinum Biotech Bio-Trope HGH

    Hey guys! Just wanted to give my review so far on as PL's Bio Trope. I've been on it now for 8 weeks and my energy is ridiculous. I'm taking 2 units first thing in the AM. I was close to 228 pounds when I started and now I'm down to 220. Diet is super clean and cardio has been increased. I am...
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    Pharma Lady

    I don't post very often but want to give credit where credit is due. I have placed 2 orders with Pharmalady, both with success. The first order got to me in exactly 8 days from time of order. That's complete ridiculousness! My second order was placed in December and took almost 4 weeks to...