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    1st AAS Cycle- Headaches

    Hi everyone was hoping to get some thoughts on some sides I’m having. I’ve done 3 sarms cycles in the past and now 10 weeks into my 1st AAS cycle. Taking 250mg Test E, 500mg Primo, added in S4 and GW. Taking N2Guard the whole time as well. The cycle is awesome but about a week -10 days ago...
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    Recomp Cycle Help

    As I mentioned on another thread I just finished a 12 week S4/ Rad 140/ GW/ SR9009 cycle and really liked the results. I'm now at a bf% where aas may make sense, whereas befroe I was too high bf%. I'm currently 42, 6'1", 225 mid-high teens bf%.I've done test/ deca cycles in the past and it was...
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    Peptide Cycling?

    I've heard some varying things as to whether peptides need to be cycled or not. For example I've heard that Mod GRF does not need to be cycled but that Ipamorelin and Frag 176-191 do because of desensitization (have heard 3 months on/ 1 month off for Ipa, and 5 weeks max for Frag). A lot of...
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    2nd Sarms Cycle for Recomp- Advice Needed

    Hi all- I'm entering my last 4 weeks of a 12 week sarms cycle and wanted some advice on where to go from here. I'm 42 and was out of the gym for a few years due to injuries, work etc. Got back in the gym ~4-5months ago and started my 1st sarms cycle ~8 weeks ago 50mg mk2866/ 50 S4(split doses)/...
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    Thoughts on First Sarms Cycle for Fat Loss

    Hi Dylan, I?ve been following the forum and have watched several of your videos and its been extremely helpful. I am new to SARMs and considering my cycle and beyond and any thoughts you can give me would be greatly appreciated. (I know you are not a Dr, any thing you tell me is for...