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    Test/Deca/EQ For my next cycle?

    Hey guys, I'm 38yrs old, 5''10 220lbs 15% bodyfat, training for over 15 years now. I'm on TRT at 100mg test per week. I'm a powerlifter and I want to spend the next few months gaining lean mass and improving my work capacity. My past cycles have included: 400mg Test only 12 weeks t-bol 50mg...
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    Cruise on Test and EQ?

    Hey all, does anyone have any insight on cruising with low doses of test(150) + eq? As a competitive powerlifter, I've had excellent results with EQ on a blast. During my cruises I just stick to test at 150, my bloodwork has been positive. Stats - 5''10, 225lbs, 13% bf. Blood pressure...
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    Thank you BGS IWG!

    My TD came in today. I'm running a simple cycle with two bottles of Test E, and TBol (which I've heard great things about). It will be my first cycle with an oral kickstart. Turn around time and communication was fantastic as always! I start in a few weeks. (PS - I already have my AI's, PCT...
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    DBol or Tbol with next Bulk?

    Hey all, here are my stats real quick: 35 yrs old 5''10 195lbs 11-12%bf I compete in powerlifting, therefore my training really revolves around the heavy compound movements (periodized) and assistance is usually a bodybuilding type isolation movement to help my weak points. I have cycled twice...
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    BGS has spoiled me...

    So I wanted some viagra for an up coming vacation with the future mrs (post cycle, post pct). BGS always delivers fast so I hit up IWG. He takes the order and everything goes without a hitch. I follow up in about 2 days just to get an idea of the delivery date. He tells me he doesn't think it...
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    Sarms Drug Test for Powerlifting?

    Hey all, I was just wondering if Sarms S4 (andarine) would show up on a drug test for powerlifting. I'm asking before I begin my prep!
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    S4 Touchdown

    Damn, came in like 3 business days! I'm a big fan of S4, I like that they sell it at the concentration that I like and the deal for 3 pack was perfect. Can't wait to start using.
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    Hey all!

    Hey everyone, this is my first post here. I used to be on Evo and had no idea where everyone went until I found this site lol. I'm 5''10, sitting at about 202lbs and currently preparing for a powerlifting meet. Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm looking forward to continued knowledge exchange!