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    Post contest rebound

    So I think anyone that knows about bodybuilding and extremely strict dieting knows that during this phase your body is utilizing every bit of the nutrition you put into it and, by nature, this would be considered the height of anabolic activity that anyone could achieve. Despite genetics or...
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    2018 Prep

    Been awhile but I'm now 10 weeks out. Macros have fluctuated but essentially 300p/ 300-500c/ 125f and within the past 3 weeks we cut carbs to 125 on non training days and 200 on training days... fats have been closer to 75-100 now. Just added fasted cardio and loving the process again (for now)...
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    Getting back on stage.

    So it's been a little while since I've posted, but for al my friends here that are interested I'll be stepping into the national level stage to compete in classic physique tomorrow for my pro card. So excited!! Here's a quick run down of how everything is going thus far. Yesterday I woke up a...
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    Back at it

    So I've been prepping now for s few weeks and I'm just over 9 weeks out from my first show. Here's some progress shots Cycle is 350 test ace 350 tren ace 350 mast p Lower than I normally go with mast but I like it this time 250p 175c 75f
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    Bout halfway through my current cycle. 1-5 m1t 15mg ed 1-16 test e 750 1-16 deca 600 Hgh 2 iu upon waking 2iu pwo GHRP6 50mcg 3x day Tudca nac Caber 0.5 e3d Aromasin 12.5 ed Currently 5'8 208# 8%
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    who has seen the latest Roelly....

    I dont know about everyone else but this dude has got my support in this years Olympia. I just overall respect the hell out of this dudes physique, work ethic, family life, and just his whole story. The latest photo updates I saw were on instagram and he is just progressing so nicely. Another of...
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    having nothing to do with aas....

    So ive taken a bit of a hiatus from being involved here for obvious reasons to any of you that recall I have been patiently awaiting the arrival of my baby girl. Just thought id share a photo of her because im proud as all hell and shes the most beautiful girl ive ever laid eyes on. All the...
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    gearing back up

    So I have had my heart set on competing this year so I am most definitely going through with it in the fall. Many of you know my girlfriend and I are expecting a baby girl in the next couple weeks and are very excited. I have decided to put together a mini bulk for the next 2 months and then...
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    holy shit

    In the past month or so ive started to lose my sense of invincibility, what with the ongoing health concerns and just feeling run down. Well today I turn 30... thirty thursday im calling it. I dont feel like im 30. I dont feel like thats old at all, but I feel like im more at a maturity level of...
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    prep for may show

    So im about 6 weeks into my prep for my first show in may. I started at about 5'9 182 and 9-10%. Currently at 188 and 8.5%. Still 5'9". Cycle is light for now but ill be adding compounds later on. Test prop/tne 150 eod Nandro x 175 eod Trne/tne 50/50 ed pwo Adding tren ace 10 weeks out...
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    the results are in....

    So after a long awaited doctors visit and a month of eager anticipation, my girlfriend and I found out today that we are going to be having a baby girl... Mila Grace. Very excited to meet this little angel and just thought id share my excitement with my AR family!!
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    sober peoples!!!

    So I celebrated 2 years of continuous sobriety this past sunday and just wondered how many of us are on that path and how much time others have away from drugs and booze. God has blessed me beyond what I probably deserve and just thought id share with the family
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    Aromatizing compounds: what you need to know

    In the world of bodybuilding and aesthetics, athletes endure gruelling training sessions, dietary deficits, and (in most cases) calculated drug protocols that most doctors would cringe at. Chances are, if you have found your way to this thread, that you partake in the aforementioned protocol to...
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    brand new pose: the DG

    Lets see everyone hit their best Dylan Gemelli profile pose. Im definitely not as shredded as the man himself, but I think I got the face right at least!!!
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    Aromatase Inhibitors: Why and when to use

    If youve been on the board for virtually any amount of time you've undoubtedly seen these questions posed... "Do I really need an AI?" "Whats the dosing and when do I start?" "Which is the best?" to help the newcomers and those who may have very little knowledge to the process of...
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    knee problems..

    So today I was at work... doing some trim work and just starting my day when I noticed some tightness in my knee. I rubbed my knee cap and felt this golf ball sized lump which came almost from nowhere. It was alarming and quite discerning because today was SUPPOSED to be leg day. Im following...
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    time to show some leg

    Everybody is always posting their ripped upper bodies and rightfully so.... we all work very hard. But ive found for myself and countless others that its toughest to grow some massive legs. A lot of people wear pa ts in the gym and hide those precious wheels... the source of a mans primary...
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    raffle anyone?????

    Interested to know how many of you guys would be interested in a gear raffle??? I assure it would be worth the ticket, just trying to get an idea of who may be interested
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    utilize the lab reps

    I think it goes without saying that a lot of people overlook the Reps put into place to make labs run smoother and want to go straight to the top to have their order "expedited." I have been guilty of this myself in the past and would just like to point out a few things I have learned during my...
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    pure essence clomid, nolvadex, and aromasin log

    First off wanna give a big shout out and thank you to dylan and everyone at pure essence for giving me the opportunity to run this log. What a great idea to start carrying pct ancillaries. I will begin my dosing today Nolva 40/40/20/20 Clomid 50/50/25/25 Aromasin 12.5 eod week 1 Coming off a...