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    Do you suffer hair loss from..?

    I took HCG twice and after I was done with it I had clumps of my hair fall out for over a month. Most of my hair grew back I switched to clomid and I started losing a shit ton of hair too not as much as hcg but enough to notice. Anyone else have this issue and if so what do you do?
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    Need help please!!

    Ok so here is the deal, I took Test Prop and Tren A for about 5 months and my body has completely shut down now. I really need help and advice in hopes I can revert the damage that has been done. I have taken 3 different blood test over a course of a year. The first one I’m going to post is my...
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    Really need help guys.. nothing works

    I’ll try and keep this short I was doing roughly 300 Mgs to 400 Mgs of Test Prop and Tren A for roughly 6 months. I took some clomid from a buddy and I seemed ok. 2 months later I got my blood work done I was at 1500 I believe free test. Not long after that the insane sex drive went away and I...
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    Serious Question about steroids and your face

    So I have been on Steroids on and off for a few years when I was in the military and when I got out last year i hit the juice pretty hard. I'm 28/5'10/230/14 BF. I have been on Tren A and Test Prop for a few months, only come to find out that I dont believe the Tren A was actual Tren A or it was...