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    Thoughts on bulk cycle - EQ or no EQ

    Hey all - it's been a while since I posted and am getting set to run a 12 to 16 week bulk. I've run 6 or 7 full cycles and coast on trt level test/deca between blasts. I'm closing in on 49 years of age. So...I've run EQ at 800 mg a week for 16 weeks in a prior cycle and have also run deca...
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    Recomp Cycles Thoughts

    Happy Saturday all, In researching recomp diets and cycles opinions seem to vary wildly. Some you read say it can't be done - just bulk and cut which was the conventional wisdom when I was following the sport and training as a younger man - I'm even older than 44 is at 47 [emoji41] Some say...
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    Cycle Options for the Acne Prone

    First of all I want to thank profusely all those who have posted recently on the Accutane and acne threads - this has proven to be very informative. My system is gobbling up and loving the test\deca\dbol cycle I am running - all except my skin of course. My question is are there options for...
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    I'm Back!

    After weeks out in the barren wilderness I have finally figured out how to get back in! Whooooo!!! I've so missed Dylan's wisdom along with all the rest of you - let the catching up begin!
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    I hope this image comes through. I have can opportunity to pick up this kit. Does it look familiar to experienced HGH folks? Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
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    Water Retention

    Hey guys - I've learnt more here in the last few weeks than I had in the previous six months so big thank you to begin with. In watching one of Dylan's YouTube videos on HGH he referenced water retention and quickly commented that more people need to know about the importance of potassium and...
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    New to forum

    I've been a big fan of Dylan's YouTube clips and discovered this place from them - mind blowing source of info already!