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    BPC-157 questions

    Guys, a training partner of mine (40 years old, fitness professional) is having knee replacement surgery and is looking for supplements that can aid in the healing process. I suggested that BPC-157 might be something to consider but I know nothing about peptides. I DO know that there is a...
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    Don't be like me

    Don't wait until four days before the end of your cycle to double check if you still have a bottle of Nolva left over from your last PCT (I didn't). But if you are like me then make sure you order from sarms 4 sale because you will have a smartly packaged bottle delivered by 2nd Day priority...
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    Self administered TRT?

    Guys, thank you for all the help in the past with my RAD-140, GW cycles. I am 57 years old and 150 lbs. and tired of getting a daily beat down from 25 year olds on the jiu jitsu mats. I have all of the symptoms of low T with one exception, actual low T. I went to a local office of a national...
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    DGA dose question

    Guys, Starting week 9 of my RAD 140/GW cycle (20mg each, Sarms4sale). Feeling good, muscles hard, libido hard. Time to add DGA that I just got from Amazon through the link Dylan posted. Question - at 155lbs and 57 years old, is there any reason to deviate from the recommended dosage on the...
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    Stacking mid-cycle and PCT question

    Guys, I'm starting week 4 of 20mg RAD-140 from sarms 4 sale and really liking the results. I feel strong and the pumps are amazing. Not sure if I'm imagining it but I think I'm adding muscle and not just weight. I'm 57 years old and I've never felt better. The problem is that I now want more...
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    Administering liquids question

    Guys, thank you for all the awesome info in this forum. I have looked and looked for an answer to this question. Sorry if I missed on the forum but here goes: I took advantage of the Easter Sale and got three bottles of Rad-140 for my lab rat (great price, fast delivery!). What is the best way...