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    Peptide TB-500 experiences?

    Hey fellow members! I've been looking into tb500 for a while due to a bafly inflamed knee tendon thats been bothering me for a good 6-8 months! Have any one had good experience with this? From what ive learned, it could do magic for injuries such ad mine! Is it worth the money? My plan is...
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    Second PCT results!

    Im back again after a roughly 5 week second pct since i did not recover from my first one... Quick back story: I've done 3 cycles consisting of test, dbol, eq and anadrol with 2 weeks hcg blast before pct with clomid, nolva, arimidex. How ever, last cycle was 16 weeks with [email protected], [email protected]
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    Second pct?

    Hey guys, I have a question for the more advanced users! It does not seem as I've recovered properly after my last test EQ cycle of 16 weeks! Pre bloods are in 25 nmol + Range and bloods 15 weeks post pct shows 17 nmol. Bloods 4 weeks post pct showed 20 nmol 8 weeks post pct showed 11 And...