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    Hy guys.I wrote here before about my first sarm cycle 6 months ago and I was 104 kg and Dylan suggest me to lose body fat.Now Im 89 kg and I look shreded,love it. I bought RAD140 10 mg and LGD4033 10 mg for lean bulk ,and I think I'll start 8weeks RAD 20 mg and than if I feel good 4 weeks RAD 30...
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    Fertility and first cycle

    Hello everybody.Greeting from Romania. I m 34 years,187 cm and 104 kg and doing weights for 5 years. I want first to say that I have problems with my sperm count and found out that Clomid or Proviron can help me boost my testosteron.First I want to know which medical test to make ? Tetosteron or...