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    Vacation and HGH

    Traveling for one to two weeks (domestic and international). Don't want serious issues taking my HGH and biostatic water, what do you guys do?
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    Very elevated ALT and AST

    Hi everyone, Concern: Elevated AST & ALT, is this beyond acceptable even by steroid standards. Stats: BP 120/ 60 Height 66.929" Weight 171 lbs BMI 26.80 kg/m? Temp 98.1 ? F Heart Rate 56/min Resp Rate 20/min O2 Sat 99% Probably 6 to 8% BF Age 39 Vascularity has increased tremendously...
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    Gear Porn Lächeln:)

    Gear Porn Lächeln:)
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    Off cycle diet/nutrition training advice (in combination with PCT)

    Hi guys, Is there any outline beside PCT what is the best advice for good practices after a cycle. For example on PCT go through cleaning my system out for 8 weeks before going back on cycle. During the 8 week off cycle maybe train less days with lighter weights and slower reps (3-4 times a...
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    Screwed up my entire PCT

    Hi, so I wasnt going to write this up cause of embarrasement but I guess I should. After my long cycles of about 7 months starting with trt style dosages to my final 10 weeks of trene200 testcyp400. I am now in my PCT time and all I have is nolvadex. My stuff got seized and the timing was all...
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    Should I try running Tren higher than test?

    Hi Dylan, I saw your new video and also read some of your old posts about letting the main focus steroid shine. I just finished my cycle of 400mg test cyp and 200mg tren E. I got really great gains off of that(10 weeks). My next cycle is in a few months, first I thought I would keep 400mg test...
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    Should I take caber?

    Hello, Blood work results 2 weeks ago (3 weeks into cycle). Currently 5 weeks into cycle. Prolactin 24.2 mcg/l (range 4.0 - 15.2) Estradiol 152 pmol/l (range 41.4 - 159) Taking Test Cyp 400mg/w (for 10/w) Tren E 200mg/w (for 10/w) Anavar 40mg/d (for 3.5/w) Arimidex 0.5mg EOD Me: 176 pounds 8%...