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    Bulk / strength cycle

    Hey Dylan , have been watching some of your great videos and am going to do some lgd3303 after watching the best Sarms for strength . Will add some Rad 140 . What else would be good to add to stack s4? also will clomid / gw / mk be ok for pct or will I need to add nolva. Thanks
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    Anyone know any food sources for PCT now that s4s have stopped selling them .
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    Sarms bulking stack

    Just coming to the end of a cut and am now 170 lbs and 11% body fat . Looking to move on to a bulk . I normally do Mk2866 LGD Rad 140 S4 Although I do gain some weight it?s not a huge amount so am looking to change my bulking stack . Any recommendations would be appreciated .
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    Diet in Pct

    Hey , just about to go into pct after a cutting cycle and not quite sure what to do with my diet . Do I keep it 500 calls below maintenance or take it back up to maintenance .
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    Best sarms bulking stack

    Looking to do the following bulking stack and just wondering if it can be improved . 1-12 LGD 1-12 MK2866 1-12 S4 1-12 RAD140 13-16 clomid 50/50/25/25 13-16 GW 501516 Age - 47 Weight - 169 BF - 12% Diet. - perfect
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    S4 dosing with tabs

    Hey , Now that a lot of the sarms are in tablet form, how do you go about increasing the dose accurately.