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  1. SpikedEggnog

    Cycle Advice for a Friend

    whats up guys im looking for some recommendations for a friend hes 34 5'9"-5'10" about 295-300 lbs he has been bodybuilding for longer then me, roughly 15 years he is huge. not fat. hes 300 with a ton of muscle. he just did a bulk cycle. he is looking to do a competition is September, 23rd i...
  2. SpikedEggnog

    Bulk Cycle

    For those that are interested, I will be starting my Bulk cycle within the next week or so (finally) My cycle will be the following: 16 weeks 350/350 test/deca 600 EQ 50mg Anadrol 1-4 Kickstart +AIs and cycle protects Here is my before thread. Currently 6'5", 240lbs. About 10-12% BF...
  3. SpikedEggnog


    thanks to robo for fast response and shipping. I was in a pinch and needed some Test quick and he came through. Props to him
  4. SpikedEggnog

    SpikedEggnog Update

    Hey Guys, spikedeggnog here. Been awhile. shout out to all my boys on here, dylan, rickrock, tx, 9th wonder, transformers, and everyone else if i forget i apologize......I had some personal issues and I had to move apartments and didn't have internet access for awhile. Figured I'd come dip my...
  5. SpikedEggnog

    Letro/Ralox Log

    Pure Essence sent me a bottle of Ralox and Letro to log. I believe I have some residual gyno from puberty (no lumps, just puffy nips) that I am hoping to kill or in the very least srhink, so I told PE that I was willing to try their product and log it. SO it begins Tonight..running letro 2.5mg a...
  6. SpikedEggnog

    Music Album

    i am curious. i have 2-3 albums worth of song material that needs to be mixed and mastered. all i have right now is some rough demos. some are very old, some are rather new, but it is all original tunes made by us. it is mostly a type of metal, either progressive metal, death metal, melodic...
  7. SpikedEggnog

    Training Videos

    i am curious if anyone else would be interested in making some type of training videos. maybe explaining certain exercises or routines. i know TX mentioned something similar. my idea is for certain people to focus on certain bodyparts. ex: if you think your best body part is your back, then...
  8. SpikedEggnog


    anyone use safe-mail? i cannot load the page for the past couple of down?
  9. SpikedEggnog


    everyone has probably heard the term overtraining before. and heard the millions of people who say overtraining is bad, you cant grow if you train too much, etc. etc. I am always trying to research and read about new/different things, and lately I came across a dude on Youtube (i know a dude on...
  10. SpikedEggnog

    Why I hate Commercial Gyms

    go to 3:51 in the video and get your mind BLOWN
  11. SpikedEggnog

    What do you think this Dude is on?

    im sick of this lying con artist claiming to be Natty. making money off deceit is some of the lowest of the low..what do you think this dude is on? looking like some tren n clen to me
  12. SpikedEggnog

    Pharma Lady

    I will be working with Pharma Lady as a new rep. So needless to say, PM me if you have any questions or for a price list, and use my name as a referral for a first time buyer discount on her products. She is top notch, I said this before I became her rep lol.... i ran her TBOL and I am...
  13. SpikedEggnog

    Hipo Review

    for anyone interested, here is my experience with hipo: i ordered 4 products from hipo. deca, dbol, provi, and aromasin. he promptly shipped it in two packages. i received the deca in 8 days i believe, but the dbol provi aromasin never came. i explained this to him and he said his policy was...
  14. SpikedEggnog

    New Cycle

    for anyone who is interested: I am 3 weeks into my baby cycle of test, deca, tbol. i will run tbol 5 weeks and test/deca 12 weeks. i have been busy with a new job (working at Gold's Gym now) lately so I havent had a chance to post any updates until now. currently i am running 150/150 test...
  15. SpikedEggnog

    Adipotide C111H204N36O28S2

    dang, sounds dangerous
  16. SpikedEggnog


    anyone know good source for Taurine supps? i heard it is good for pumps. I am not on gear but I get insane pumps naturally and sometimes they are painful. I eat plenty of potassium, sodium, water, vitamins, minerals, etc. anything else that helps with painful pumps?
  17. SpikedEggnog


    i dont know but the question is how or why would they see your mail contents? honestly no one really gives two cents about steroid users, they want the distributors if anything, but even then if they really wanted to crack down on roids they could just raid Phil Heaths house or Jay cutler or...
  18. SpikedEggnog

    Steroid Testing

    I am going to be running some tests on a source (don't ask what source, I will give more information later). I have some extra testing vials, so if anyone is interested, you can send me samples of AAS you want tested, and I will test them for you and Post the results here in the forum to help...
  19. SpikedEggnog


    In cycles people typically run 2-3 compounds together or more - for people that are experienced, ok that makes sense BUT what about people that are inexperienced - for instance, I know some people hate winny but other people seem to love it - so if everyone is different how does anyone know what...
  20. SpikedEggnog

    Split Dosages

    Just curious if anyone has tried split dosages of different compounds - for instance, instead of taking TBol for 6 weeks, 7 days a week - taking Dbol Mon, wed, fri, sun and Tbol Tuesd Thurs Satur. Because it is still One Oral at a time - Dbol and Tbol together may not make much sense BUT it is...