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  1. rockmfhudd


    Just checkin back in w erybody. How yall been? Great to be back
  2. rockmfhudd

    Staph infection

    well as careful as I have tried to be over the years, wiping equipment before and after use. I think I have staph obvi from the gym. Not sure if the gym disinfectant isn't watered down, probably is knowing the gov't and "saving money". I had blood tests done on Friday and antibiotics prescribed...
  3. rockmfhudd

    Huge props to 9th Wonder and BGS reps

    Just wanted to say thanks for the quick response to my needs in my recent order I had TD yesterday, just cant say enough about how hard these guys work to keep us all happy and safe. These guys and the rest of the sponsors here make it real easy to let go of good hard earned money!!!!! Thanks...
  4. rockmfhudd

    Privatemedlabs discount coupon

    Save 15% off of your total purchase amount at Private MD Labs from now until January 31, 2017. Use coupon code TY651DS at checkout. Please limit use of this coupon to three times. to book your appointment. No cycle is complete without pre, mid, and post cycle bloods
  5. rockmfhudd

    rockmfhudd's update

    Some of you may have missed me others prolly not so much, lol anyway just to update you guys I have been on a fucking project that is a nightmare dealing with probs with our subcontractors and our prime contractors on top of hunting on my off time, in which I missed a fucking big buck yesterday...
  6. rockmfhudd

    Monday funny lmao I know folks like this. notice the houndstooth coat lmao gotta be a fuckin Bama fan
  7. rockmfhudd

    Med supply lab clearance sale!+50%25+off+select+Hypodermic...
  8. rockmfhudd

    Triple X stack review

    Ok so i have given my review on this plenty of times. However I bought a buddy here in Oklahoma a bottle of Triple X for his birthday for well you know the bedroom and pwo. He is 61 years old and plenty active with his girlfriend and a couple of friends with benefits. I gave him the bottle and...
  9. rockmfhudd

    Lets talk building on a budget

    you cant!!!! i have seen a lot of posts lately about prices for sarms and aas in general and how expensive it is. If this is a problem then you don't need to be in this lifestyle. Lets say this before you even start sarms or aas you have to have your diet in order and that in itself is expensive...
  10. rockmfhudd

    rockmfhudd's ol lady before and after SARMS

    this is after 2 12 week cycles of triple stack and the last being addition to sr9009. as you can see she has worked pretty hard overall she is down quite a few sizes in pants and shirts what numbers I don't know but she lost from 168 down to 142, so any females have questions about sarmsx...
  11. rockmfhudd

    NCAA and general sports talk

    I was just starting this since we hijacked another thread talking about the Alabama Crimson Tide being the all time best fucking team in history. So all you college football fans 3 weeks to come to the crimson side of reality and recognize!!!!
  12. rockmfhudd

    Now Brock Lesnar? WTF

    So I saw a story that Brock Lesnar has failed a drug test wtf is going on with these clowns. Mark Hunt said this is the 3rd time he has fought someone that has been hot on a test and if they don't do something he is done with UFC, LOL
  13. rockmfhudd

    isarms swag

    when are we gonna see some isarms swag? any idea on apparel line coming out
  14. rockmfhudd

    UFC announces Jones popped hot on a drug test

    Cormier and Jones fight has been pulled from the card this weekend. WTF this is the 2nd fucking time for this fuckhead.
  15. rockmfhudd

    Active release technique!videos/cb2g I meant to post this a couple of months ago but was busy and didn't. This dude is a local massage therapist, not sure if anyone has tried this or not but maybe some of you big fuckers or competitors can benefit.
  16. rockmfhudd

    Fuck me running

    I just dropped a bottle of gear and BAM all over the fucking floor, I am so fucking pissed. I don't have any pins with filters so had to trash it cant risk getting glass in my arse.
  17. rockmfhudd

    My man 44 will be proud

    I have to laugh at this shit. SO I stop at the store this morning to get a bag of ice and I walk out put the bag in my cooler in the car, a guy comes out walking toward me and says, "Hey are you a former Marine?" I says no but I kinda know a few, and he says I was just wondering cuz you are all...
  18. rockmfhudd

    Ya its fucked up but I LOL'd Thought of ol boy trying to impress women in the gym
  19. rockmfhudd

    Give bloods bitches

    ya so I headed into wally world today and lo and behold a blood bus. so ya me and the ol lady went in and dropped some RBC's up in that bitch
  20. rockmfhudd

    9th Wonder IWGF and BGS

    I cannot say enough about the customer service and t/a time with these guys is outstanding. Paid Thursday received Monday WHAAAAAAT???? Ya and I will update when I jump on cycle with how delicious the products are. Thanks again guys customer fo life ninja's