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    Umbrella Labs sarms log LGD-3303 & ACP-105

    Hey guys! Nearing the end of the cycle and really picking up strength and getting leaner. Today was a typical cardio day 60 mins on spin bike. Crazy how much endurance im picking up. I am crushing what I was doing calorie wise on cycle in the same amount of time as before. Really leaning out...
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    Umbrella Labs TD!

    Im currently logging their ACP and LGD but was so impressed I snagged some of their GW-501516 to run after im done the current 8 week log. I went with the big boys (60ML) and price with their current 20% off orders of $200 or more makes it a bargain for quality stuff. Excited to run this in...
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    Umbrella Labs sarms log LGD-3303 & ACP-105

    Hey everyone! Want to give another update! Cycle is cruising along! Im just about hitting week 7 of my 8 week cycle. Really starting to pick up strength and with dialed in diet im picking lean muscle mass. Today was international chest day so had to partake! Workout was: Flat Bench: 90...
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    Umbrella Labs sarms log LGD-3303 & ACP-105

    Hey guys been out of town for a bit but still tracking well and loving the sarms! Ive had some really good pushing and pulling workouts put in and recovery has been fantastic. Limited in the equipment since traveling but the volume has been out of control! Home now and today was a cardio day...
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    Umbrella Labs sarms log LGD-3303 & ACP-105

    Hey everyone! Hope you had a great Christmas! So today was just a cardio day. Went really hard on my spin bike burned over 1200 calories in about an hour. I know that the calroie counters are not super accurate but most are made for normal sized humans and since im much larger than your...
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    Umbrella Labs sarms log LGD-3303 & ACP-105

    Hey everyone, another update! Definitely picking up some strength and the healing factor (for me) has been pretty substantial. Im doing a lot of rehab and physical therapy along with my strength training due to my shredded labrum and ive been able to lift heavier weights, more volume, and...
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    Umbrella Labs sarms log LGD-3303 & ACP-105

    Hey guys! Ok now a couple weeks in and feeling great! Shoulder still nagging but is what it is im still picking up strength and vascularity. Today was just a cardio day with some legs and abs. 60 mins on my Schwinn spin bike then the following for legs and abs: 5 sets x 15 reps goblet...
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    Umbrella Labs sarms log LGD-3303 & ACP-105

    Alright another good workout session this morning. Really starting to feel the ACP and LGD now! Volume continus to go up along with weights however again im being very careful on upper body movements since my labrum is a disaster and trying to avoid surgery if possible (been like this for 2...
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    Umbrella Labs sarms log LGD-3303 & ACP-105

    Ok a few more days in and starting to feel a real pickup in strength! Today was a leg day and both weight and reps were up about 5% over my normal numbers. I have 2 missing discs in my back plus a bulging disc so I cant do heavy weights but I can load up on the reps. Workout was: 4 sets of...
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    Umbrella Labs sarms log LGD-3303 & ACP-105

    Alright! Thing are going well im really liking the 2 compounds. It has been a full week since starting (or at least 6 days) and im slowly starting to feel some of the effects. The LGD-3303 is helping with strength much like the lgd 4033 that ive run in the past but im looking and feeling...
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    Umbrella Labs sarms log LGD-3303 & ACP-105

    Thanks Dylan! Yea the taste is great too its waaaaaay better than the gasoline taste lol!
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    Umbrella Labs sarms log LGD-3303 & ACP-105

    Ok today is day 1 of the cycle! Figured id kick it off on a Monday! Took my dosage of each in the morning will be taking the second dose early afternoon. Today was chest day. Due to my torn labrum in mainly doing resistance bands mixed in with really focused and controlled dumbbell presses...
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    Umbrella Labs sarms log LGD-3303 & ACP-105

    Ok I FINALY was able to get my pre-cycle bloods done. It took forever to get an appointment at Quest then they took over a week to get me results (usually its next day) but whatever everything looks good so ready to rock and roll! I will be doing 8 weeks of: LGD-3303 20mg split dose in morning...
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    Looking for information on Super Mass 5 by Sarm Source Labs

    Run it at your own risk but realize that local supplement stores really shouldnt have sarms....Id stick with our sponsors here
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    Why do you think you need test to prevent losing muscle? You do realize you are going to be running 700mg/week tren ace so im not sure why you think you will be losing muscle and need to increase the test dose? With 700mg tren ace a week you should be a freak!
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    Umbrella Labs Sarms TD!

    Hey everyone, just got some Umbrella Labs sarms in. First off the packaging and labeling are absolutely top notch! Everything is so professionally done its no joke they have put time and effort into both the product and the packaging. I will be running an 8 week log of 2 of their products. I...
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    Napsgear Domestic TD

    Just a few items taking advantage of the Halloween sale! Super fast shipping first order for me great experience!
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    How long until I can cycle again

    Im much more conservative I run a 4 week mini pct with nolva or clomid low dose with N2GenerateES then I take a good 2 months off and run bloods
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    Napsgear: The Ultimate Testosterone Diet for Men Over 40

    You grow the fun types of mushrooms bodymonster??
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    1st AAS Cycle- Headaches

    Did you get bloods done? What was your RBC and Hematocrit?