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  1. rockmfhudd

    💪 Steroidify Pharmaceutical Grade HGH 💪

    Right on thanks, doin some planning and really dont want to eff around with mixing bac water
  2. rockmfhudd

    💪 Steroidify Pharmaceutical Grade HGH 💪

    Is that readyject hgh?
  3. rockmfhudd

    👍 Pay only 50% for the next 48 hours

    Solid ass deal comin up for a great holiday weekend.
  4. rockmfhudd


    It isnt going to damage anything permanently, its temporary for a week or so after cycle. Mine is basically night vision with lights looking yellow and dim.
  5. rockmfhudd

    Your new SARMS sponsor! SARMS4Sale

    And we have touchdown from sarmsforsale, fast a$$ shipping!! 3 days.
  6. rockmfhudd

    Your new SARMS sponsor! SARMS4Sale

    Fuck i just saw this discount sfter i ordered, lol oh well, sometimes ur the bug, sometimes then windshield
  7. rockmfhudd

    Your new SARMS sponsor! SARMS4Sale

    Thanks brother, hopefully life isbslowing down enuff i can get back in here
  8. rockmfhudd

    Your new SARMS sponsor! SARMS4Sale

    Yessir, thanks
  9. rockmfhudd

    Your new SARMS sponsor! SARMS4Sale

    Just ordered some gw and the superman stack. Cannot wait, had the triple x back in the day and it was on point. Oh btw im back lol
  10. rockmfhudd

    Lactation after coming off Tren.... HELP!!

    Any updates? Im just scrolling through old posts to catch up. And i guess you learned a lesson, IF you do not have a complete pct in hand as well as any and all protection (caber, tudca, and other things) to the substances you are going to run, you need to not run anything until you do have...
  11. rockmfhudd

    Best/Safest place to buy true cardarine or stenabolic?

    Esarms is the only one i would trust, bout to place an order for a few items myself
  12. rockmfhudd


    Thanks DG glad to be back and off the road w momma every night. Ill be hittin a sarms stack here shortly
  13. rockmfhudd


    Yo what up man, yesh my travel gig just didnt allow me to ne as active so i quit the job to come back to my brothas and sistas here. Lmao nah i just got tired of the road. Hope all is well with you cbbram
  14. rockmfhudd


    Just checkin back in w erybody. How yall been? Great to be back
  15. rockmfhudd

    4 Weeks into MK677 (CrossFitter Perspective)...

    That is the beauty of the stack that could be the s4 along with the 677
  16. rockmfhudd

    Transformation Recomposition

    I remember you from a few months back, not sure why you would want to cut down to 146 lbs that is pretty scrawny however it is your plan and I will support you in that lol.
  17. rockmfhudd

    Has anybody used hipocampus as of recent?

    Hipo has always been solid shit. but wait, you are not recovered and or still having probs coming back to normal from your previous cycle so I wouldn't jump on this just yet like RickRock and DG told you in your other post, check your shbg and then move forward as well as your free test
  18. rockmfhudd

    Need some help

    also what are your bloods now? you need to do pre bloods mid bloods and post bloods. My first questions would be what are your goals here? Are you just dabbling in AAS use as a curiosity? what are your expectations of a cycle? post a pic for a guess at what your BF levels are and these guys...