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  1. m555zma

    TestProp PIP vs Test400 PIP?

    Im thing about trying Prop for the 1st time on my next bulk. However, I'm just wondering how bad the PIP is. A few years ago I tried test 400, which was the worst experience ever. If I pinned the glute, I couldn't sit down. If I pinned the delt, I couldn't move my arm. Anywhere I pinned I was...
  2. m555zma

    Bulk Cut Short..

    Current cycle: dbol 40mg/ed (5 weeks complete) Test Cyp: 100mg/eod NPP: 100mg/eod I'm in week 7 of a 10 week bulk. I put on 30lbs and I'm way stronger. However, i heard something crunch/snap on the side of my leg (maybe TFL or ITB) during leg press, so I'm stopping the bulk now...
  3. m555zma

    Anadrol Hunger?

    I really want to try adrol on my next bulk. However, the majority of online articles say that it suppresses appetite. Is this accurate? I would never want to go into a calorie surplus taking a drug that makes me not want to eat. I love dbol because it makes me hungry and thirsty as hell.
  4. m555zma

    Diversified Protein?

    Do you guys feel it's important to have a variety of different protein sources in your diet? I'm about to bulk, and my plan is to make one meal egg protein, one red meat protein, one chicken protein, and the other seafood protein. The yolk in eggs is super nutrient dense and the whites are...
  5. m555zma

    Customs Seizure

    So it looks like my package from china has been confiscated.. sucks.. I don't want to risk a reship and get flagged again. $400 gone.... I'm just going to play it safe and use a US Supplier. Are there any US suppliers with prices anywhere near pharmaladys? I checked out domestic supply, and the...
  6. m555zma

    Junk Food and Weight Loss

    I've been dieting+working out for 8 years now.. I've noticed a strong pattern between breaking weight plateus and consumption of junk food.. The first weight I always get stuck at when cutting is 180lbs. I'll be stuck at 180 for weeks. At my last 180 plateu I had a 6 pack of Oreos and a...
  7. m555zma

    EQ 12 Weeks..

    I'm about to bulk for 12 weeks and want EQ in there. I love EQ because of the permanent vascularity, however, it's highly recommended to run AT LEAST 16 weeks due to the ester length.. Do you guys think 12 weeks of EQ is just a complete waste of time? (I refuse to bulk 16 weeks.. right around...
  8. m555zma

    NA Chloride or Bac Water

    I'm going to get growth from a source here who offers free sodium chloride with his HGH. However, bacterio static water is what I'm used to. Which would you guys go with and why.. Thanks
  9. m555zma

    HGH Video Thread Outdated

    Hello Dylan. I was browsing HGH info and came across a thread you posted a while back. It says "watch this vid", but it's now outdated unfortunately. Do you have an updated vid please? I haven't used HGH in years and need a refresher (starting dose, mixing bac water properly, etc.) Thkx
  10. m555zma

    Fully Off All Substances?

    Do you guys ever go COMPLETLY off everything? Cold turkey I guess would be the term.. I'm either blasting a cycle, or crusing on fat burners. Please note, I never do high amounts (test never been above 500mg/week. Burners never above 60mcg) But still, I'm always on something...
  11. m555zma

    Considering Domestic Supply

    I'm considering trying domestic supply for my next cycle. I've been using pharmalady for the past several years, and absolutely love his product/super strong and potent 100% Just curious to try and compare others. Anyone had recent cycles from domestic and had a good experience? Thnkx
  12. m555zma

    Tren+Keto+Cheat Meal

    I'm doing tren+keto to shred down fast. However, I read this post from Rick Rock today from 2017 "I would never ever recommend Keto or any type of low carb diet with Tren. Tht can be a bad combination that can lead to blood sugar problems because of trens nutrient partitioning and it needing...
  13. m555zma

    No AI during cycle

    I have not used ai's for the past 3 cycles. I have not experienced any emotional issues, also I use EQ for every cycle which supposedly possesses ai properties.. Do you guys use ai's no matter what? Or just keep them on hand when needed..
  14. m555zma

    Extremely Strong T Ace

    I'm currently running 75mg tren EOD. In the past I've always done 100mg EOD, yet this dosage is hitting me much harder than before.. So strange a lower dose is seemingly more potent than a higher dose. Or maybe this batch is just more concentrated?.. Fitness is such an interesting journey
  15. m555zma

    Pharmalady Early Christmas Present 🎄

  16. m555zma

    Tren Test Ratio

    What's the rationale behind running test higher than tren? Tren is what you want to shine, and also the tren would dominate androgen receptors with test being lower I believe.. (not 100% sure about the receptor argument)
  17. m555zma

    Test 2 weeks after cycle

    Why is it necessary to continue blasting test for 2 weeks after a cycle? To prevent muscle wastage? I'm on eq which prevents muscle wastage. Or is it for a different reason?
  18. m555zma

    DBOL insomnia

    What do you guys take for insomnia? I'm on week 4 of dbol (30mg/day).. getting about 6 hours of sleep, sometimes less... I love this drug, but it's too damn powerful.
  19. m555zma

    Pharmalady Early Delivery

    LIGHTNING SPEED shipping on this one (got here in 1 week lol) *Test cyp, npp, dbol, and fat burners (for later, not the bulk) Beautiful packaging; looks like art Time to get fuking huge
  20. m555zma

    Platinum or Bio?

    Do you guys prefer Platinum Biotech or Global Anabolics? I LOVE platinum, but I've never tried global..