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    3rd cycle... need suggestions for a good oral to stack!

    ill try this again... ok im 35, 6'2", 210-220 lbs it goes up and down pretty fast. around 16%bf last i checked. Years of training: 15 with no results, 1.5 with results. Complete cycle history: 1st cycle 4 months, 400 mg test cyp, 200mg deca per week for 12 weeks, 4 weeks test 400 400mg/wk and...
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    D bol Estrogen explosion / orals and letro

    hey im new here, but its my third cycle. i wanted to get back on july 1st, but wasnt ready. i got on half way thru july, and i decided to kick start my cycle with d bols. Im taking sust with EQ M+F and a shot of prop on tuesday and thursday. i started taking 25mg every training day (usually 4...