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    Halfway cycle update Sarms4Sale

    Just wanted to post some feedback on my current cycle from sarms4sale. I'm on my very first cycle using both their ostarine and cardarine and I've just made it through week 6. I must say having the gyms close down on me after week 1 or 2 was disappointing but I wasted no time and bought enough...
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    Extremely satisfied with

    Just wanted to share my experience about my recent order from First off I received my order within 2 days of placing it which is amazing. I've been using the GW and 2866 for over a week a now and so far I'm already experiencing a benefit in my cardio by far with the GW. On top of...
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    Pre Sarm Cycle Bloodwork

    Hey guys. So I just wanted to see what you thought about my blood work specifically my test levels. I posted about 6 weeks ago with some heavy suppression from's fake ass product and my testosterone was at 240 after 2 weeks. I want to try this again with ostarine and cardarine from...
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    Low testosterone after 10 days of Ostarine

    Hey guys so I know I screwed up and I didn't get bloodwork before my cycle. I know it was a big mistake. So I went to get bloodwork done on day 10 just to see where I stood. My total testosterone was low at 245 ng/dL. my free test was okay at 15.3. My question is since I'm only on day 10 and at...