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  1. FL1025

    OSGEAR Touchdown!!

    Hey fellas, so I won a contest a few weeks ago for some OSGear. Just wanted to give a quick rundown of my experience with them so far. Once I placed my order I continued to get updates on the chat feature on their website which was actually pretty convenient. The total ship time was right at...
  2. FL1025

    Blends on deck

    Just a reminder guys, we have blends for your upcoming cycles. Ive had a few people on different forums reach out lately so I figured I'd make a post. In addition to the below blend we have several others hit us up at [email protected] for a Pricelist.
  3. FL1025

    All Aboard The ROBO Train

    Hey guys just a reminder if you'd like a Pricelist or want to make a purchase contact us at [email protected] If you have any questions about the products feel free to pm me here.
  4. FL1025

    ROBO NANDRO and Tibial strain

    Well I've been suffering with a strained tibial tendon after one of my long runs a few weeks ago. I've been taping it with KT tape and just started some BPC157 which has made some dramatic improvements already. I'm starting 300mg of DECA a week in addition to my current 400mg Test CYP and 600mg...
  5. FL1025


    Clear your Pm's brother, I'm trying to respond
  6. FL1025

    ***Robolics contact info***

    Hey guys I've been getting a few emails about Robolics contact info so thought I'd post it once again. Please use only this email address when placing orders/inquiries. [email protected] If you guys have trouble reaching him get with me or any of the other Reps via pm.
  7. FL1025

    ***robo sale***

    Guys take advantage of Robo's summer sale while you can Summer Sale until Aug. 31! Buy any 2 test, get 1 test product of equal or lesser value FREE! Includes T400 and Sust! No Qty Limits! Your order must be received by Aug. 31 EMAIL ONLY: [email protected]
  8. FL1025

    ***Robolics New contact info***

    Hey guys just letting everyone know about Robo's email address change. It should be changed in all the Banners soon, but here Is the email address in the mean time. [email protected] If you guys have trouble reaching him get with me or any of the other Reps via pm.
  9. FL1025

    ROBO TREN on deck

    Got a little ROBO Tren for when I come off of my Primo/Test cruise. It's been a couple years since I've used Tren so I'm looking forward to it.
  10. FL1025

    Robo primo

    I'll be coming off of a blast here shortly and I'm thinking about cruising on Test and Primo. I'm thinking about 100mg Test CYP and 200mg Primo a week. Just looking for suggestions from you barrel chested warriors. Anyone ever cruised on just Primo, if so how'd you like it?
  11. FL1025

    Robo bold cyp

    I've had some guys ask me about Robo's Bold CYP and if there was any pip. Well I got some in the mail two days ago and injected in my Delt yesterday morning. I injected just 1ml of the BOLD CYP so I could give an honest assessment and as of right now there has been no pip. I'm currently running...
  12. FL1025

    ROBO on the menu

    Adding in a little ROBO Deca to my current blast never ran EQ and Deca together but keep hearing how well they complement each other.
  13. FL1025

    Robolics has extended the sale.

    From now until Dec. 31 buy 2 tren products and get 1 tren product FREE of equal or lesser value! Includes Tri-tren and the tren/tprop/mast blend as well! This is a great sale, stock up for that summer shred cycle. No Limits! Please direct all inquiries to [email protected]
  14. FL1025

    Some of that sweet ROBO Nectar

    Pinning a little more ROBO Nectar today
  15. FL1025

    Gainz for breakfast

    Who else is getting DEM GAINZ for breakfast.
  16. FL1025

    ROBO Sale

    Hey guys for those not in the know, Robolics has a sale goining on until the end of September. Buy 2 get 1 free on Test "E" and Test "C"! No Limits! And dont forget additional 10% off on all Bitcoin orders! May combine with the usual bulk discounts! if you need a list let me know and if your...
  17. FL1025

    Team robolics

    As many of you know I've used Robolics for a while and am officially on Team Robo. If anyone needs any help or suggestions of Robolics products I'm but a message away.
  18. FL1025

    Opinions on Altitude training masks and Test/EQ cycle

    I was having a discussion with Tx about this and wanted to get everyone's opinion on using an Altitude training mask during a test/eq cycle for increased endurance...Thoughts? And how would you structure your training?
  19. FL1025

    Toremifine source?

    Like the title says looking for a torem source, my old source for it dried up lol. I would normally use SarmsX but they don't carry it and I actually prefer it.
  20. FL1025

    Pure Essence SR9009 Log

    Well I was lucky enough to be one of the loggers for PE's SR9009. I received tracking on Monday and received my package yesterday(I live in NC btw) although I wasn't home and just got it today. I was given two vials. My dose for SR will mirror Dylan's recommendation from the video. I will be...