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    My SARM's log kind of.

    Ok guys. Starting a SARM's log kind of. Mainly what I mean is I will be back to write down how it's going once or twice a week but won't be logging daily with workouts and food consumption. Starting on S4, MK2866 and GW501516. I will be running 8-12 weeks. Currently on 4ius daily of gh. And...
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    NY and Miss NY Valhalla TD

    Alright people here's the deal... I forgot to post this one a few weeks ago. With all the Valhalla TD's it's hard to keep track oh who gets what and when they get it. Guy has more TD's than Peyton Manning's career total. He and the misses are insane. What happened was I broke my Test-C...
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    Another TD with MGP

    Placed this order with my man ThinD and his line MGP. Helped a few friends out on some things they needed and he came through lightning quick per usual and really made sure safe and secure and everything worked out fantastic. Thanks again brother. Don't be hesitant to place an order with this...
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    Proviron in PCT

    Ok ladies and gents, I've seen a lot of people who have mixed opinions about taking proviron in pct. considering it does have a anabolic/androgenic rating, but supposedly not on testosterone. So my question to you guys is your opinion on taking it in pct and if you like or dislike the idea of it.
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    Alright so Circle now won't let you make bitcoin transactions (as in send to another bitcoin address with USD Euros and Pounds) so this means that if you purchase bitcoin from circle you have to send it to another circle account email address or phone number for it to be transferable. No longer...
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    Hipo pack TD Thanks 44!

    Hipo came through huge!! Caber, tren, aroma and proviron. Buddy needed his set up and I could not help that Halloween 31 sale or getting myself some more proviron! 44 is the fucking man! Ordered on the 26th and it came in discreet! 44 Helped me through the whole process. Stuck by my side and...
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    Bitcoin explained. The simplicity of it.

    This article is copy and pasted. Using things such a Circle where you can send with a click of a button. Bitcoin transactions cannot be stopped. It's like having a computer wallet. We’re sitting on a park bench. It’s a great day. I have one apple with me. I give it to you. You now have one...
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    MGP TD and then a lot more!

    Alright ladies gentleman and 44 here it is. ThinD has got his shit figured out to the fullest. On Sunday night I bought two 20ml jugs of NPP-150. HE lets me know not me asking that they're on the way Monday morning. So I'm like badass for one. Want to add some NPP for 12 weeks. I open it today...
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    Can cabergoline be suspended in liquid form or is it to unstable? I've been doing a lot of reading and seen some people make it suspended and then I've read that it's well not able to be suspended. Just a question I guess.
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    Friends cycle

    Ok my friend wants to run a cycle and this will be his 5th one. He only usually ran deca or masteron and wants to add. He's 6'2 225 8%. He runs his test high just likes too. 750 test e wk 2-300 deca wk He wants to add 800 eq a wk to get another compound in Caber .25 e3d first 3 weeks and .5...
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    M.G.P. Anabolics

    So received mine today as well. Shipping quick which is super nice. Lands up there with some of the best. Quality well is to be determined. But so far I'm impressed and happy. Thanks for your consideration Thin-D.
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    Valhalla test

    I just pinned a cc of Valhalla test c and mixed it with eq 300 (took about 405) gauged it in-between the lines) so far zero pip super clean and painless. Took it out of a 25g. To say the least all went fantastic so far.
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    New small order from BGS

    Had to test the waters with these guys with all the great feedback I hear from them. Shipping was fantastic and fast to say the least. Ordering process was awesome and simple. Thanks IWGF and 9th. Will be ordering more very soon. As I said just wanted to place a small one first. Thanks again...
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    A good pre blood test?

    Ok I'm starting my cycle here very shortly and I'm going in for bloods. Mainly am wondering what people would recommend for pre bloods tests. I've done the norm like free test at a 1500 cap but just seeing if anyone else has any other suggestions. Thanks guys!
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    People are posting but there is no contents?

    Hello fellow isarms members. I see a lot of new threads getting on here with nothing in them. Is this a Tapatalk issue? Is anyone else having such issues? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Valhalla Labs auction is in!

    Well the holy grail has landed my bro's and let's say she brings many many gifts for an amazing price! I'm super excited to get this started and will update on taking it and throw my reviews. I can't thank yah enough NY, this is an awesome package! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Next Cycle early Nov. Critique Helpful

    Pretty new to the forum reading a lot of good things came over from evo. Seen a lot of good sources and am going to get back into it early Nov. Stats: 5'8'' 215-218 fluctuates daily I feel like, with BF% at 15-16%(haven't checked in awhile since last cycle)was lower but came back up after pct...