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    Mid-cycle blood work results

    Hey guys, I was hoping to get some insights on some high readings for kidney function. I am about halfway though a 6 to 8 week cycle of oral primobolan 50 mg a day, along with my prescription testosterone gel. I figured I?d start at a low dose since it?s my first time using primo and I have...
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    Pre-cycle blood work

    Anyone have a good link to Private MD Labs for this blood work? The old links don't seem to work. Thanks in advance.
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    Is T gel considered a test base?

    Currently on prescription Axiron 2 pumps (60mg) daily.
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    Estrogen crashed (again)

    Hey guys, I just got the results of my mid-cycle blood work and, once again, my estrogen has crashed while on a SARMs cycle. I ran Mk-2866 late last year and my estrogen dropped to <5.0 at mid-cycle. Now, I am running Mk-2866 and S-4 and my estrogen has gone down to the same exact level as...
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    New Yorker article on GW

    Thought I'd share this, for what it's worth.
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    First SARMS cycle

    Hey guys, Started my first Sarms cycle two weeks ago with Ostabolic. I have been working out for over 20 years and lately just felt like I was spinning my wheels, making little to no progress. I'm 58, 5 foot 10 inches and 170 pounds. After reading up on Sarms and checking out this Website, I...