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    Study suggests WHY low SHBG can actually be bad despite T levels

    Just saw this. Certainly explains why some guys have reported losing their libido on Mast and/or Proviron. More Free T is a good thing. However too much driving low SHBG can be bad not only because test can't be carried anywhere properly, but the androgen response is LOWERED in genes...
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    Share your skin care routines on cycle

    And off, I suppose. At the risk of sounding too metro, I still know most of us are vainer than we'd care to admit, or at least have a certain degree of pride in the way we look. SO, how do you keep your skin looking its best and fight hormonal acne? Heavy androgenic compounds have often done...
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    My Experience With Tren E - Hint: It's Good. VERY Good.

    Hey all, Haven't been on for a handful of months due to starting a new job and moving house. Sorry this is long, too. Just wanted to pop in with my latest experience. Yes, I finally went to the darkside. I've been on TRT for years (I'm 30 at the moment) and have dabbled with most every other...
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    "Jumping on Testosterone" - and how every other hormone is affected

    Meet the Steroid Tree. You've probably heard guys talk about the importance of bloodwork, to assess and keep track of what a hormone - even a simple one such as testosterone does in the human body - but also what else is affected in the process. And you've probably also heard guys talk about...
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    Alpha Pharma Test E - bunk dirty garbage, with 500mg week 7 bloods

    Hey all, This is the only forum I'm on, so feel free to spread this around to any other forums you frequent. So some of you may remember me posting at the start of my current cycle that I wasn't feeling so great. Being in the merry old land of Oz, good gear can be hard to come by and so...
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    Test questions

    Hey Dylan, Love your videos mate and have been learning a lot. I'm 28 and on my first cycle now. 3.5 weeks into 500mg test e, Monday and Thursday injections of 1ml, 250mg. 50mg proviron ED. Taking things slowly. For the first week or so I took no AI and I felt like my E2 just shot through the...