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    3rd cycle advice

    40yrs 175 lbs 10-12%BF 1st cycle - Test Cyp only 10 weeks 2nd cycle - Test Cyp only 12 weeks Was thinking about test + anavar or winstrol for 3rd cycle. Looking to do a "shorter" cut cycle a bit while maintaining strength and size. Any recommendations on which pair and proper layout?
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    Test/EQ cycle

    TestCyp 350/wk EQ 600/wk Question: Ok to administer on the same days? Twice per week for the EQ as well? Like this? Tues & Friday TestC @ 175 EQ @ 300 Thanks
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    BF question

    What is the reason for low bf before using gear? Does bf have an effect on estrogen conversion? Just curious and never knew the reason.
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    2nd cycle advice

    Trying to plan a second cycle and looking for advice. First cycle was test cyp @ ~400/wk for 12wks. Everything went smooth, no issues other than I felt that most of the gains were coming right as the cycle ended (wks 8-12). I gained a lot of strength and was able to hold on to most of it...
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    losing weight during pct. Advice pls

    In the 3rd week of my PCT and I have continually lost weight. 7lbs from my peak as of today. I think most of it is water weight because my strength is still good and I'm urinating a lot at night. I have had a head cold for the past several days but nothing that has stopped me from my normal...
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    MK-2866 during PCT

    Does it matter when MK-2866 is taken in relation to training?
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    Have to travel during PCT...

    Just found out that I will have to travel outside the US for 4 days during my PCT. Should I be concerned about taking the pct meds along with me?
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    Training routine help

    I'm at a point where it's time to change up my workout. In the 9th week of my cycle so I want to hit it hard over the next several weeks. My goals are to hit each muscle group twice/week M-F. Looking for some suggestions. Having trouble putting together a good M-F split. Currently doing a...
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    Cool nutrition site

    Has anyone seen/used a site or app like this before? Takes all the work out of food planning.
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    the members of this forum...

    I just want to say to all the bros who respond to posted & PM questions... You guys kick major ass. The instant responses to questions/concerns (even the "stupid" ones) never cease to amaze me. You guys need to consult for fortune 500 companies on how to streamline tech support. Thank you all.
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    SARMS article

    Anyone else see this article?
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    Noticed marks on my shoulder...

    After my arm workout this morning I noticed some marks on my shoulder when changing. I didn't feel anything during or after. Any ideas on what this may be?
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    4 weeks in...Test Cyp

    I'm 4 weeks in my first cycle. Test cyp @ 350mg/wk, split twice per week. I feel great, lots of energy, mood is good, workouts are really good, pumps seem to be easier to obtain, muscles seem fuller throughout the day & strength is up. However, my weight has remained the same. Should I be...
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    Aromatase Inhibitor

    Currently I'm taking 12.5mg Aroma eod on a test only cycle. If I come to the point where I should lower the the proper protocol to take 6.25mg and still remain on the eod schedule or do you stay with 12.5mg and take every 3-4 days. Sorry if this has been mentioned before. I have...
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    Dga post ct

    Dylan, the DGA website states about 5-6 days to deliver plus ~3 days to process. Are those numbers good right now? Everything in stock?
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    Thigh or Glute pin for first time?

    Just curious as to which is better for a first timer (test cyp)? Read an medical article that stated thigh is preferred if you are solo injecting. I have no experience pining at all and would appreciate any advice you guys can offer. If it's glutes I was going to use 18g to draw and 25g x 1"...
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    First cycle - advice & log

    Going to run my first cycle soon. My goal is simple, gain fucking muscle. It will look like this... 1-12 test cyp 350 mg week 1-14 aromasin 12.5 mg eod 11-14 dga post ct pct 15-20 clomid 50/50/50/25//25/25 nolva 40/40/40/20/20/20 aromasin 12.5 mg eod ORGAN ST mk-2866 25 mg day (ONLY 4...
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    Video for first timers?

    Dylan, I'm searching through your videos now but thought I would ask if you have any videos addressing first cycles, how to know if your ready for it, preparing, etc...Thanks
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    SARM Sources

    With sarms unavailable from SARMSX where is everyone getting their stuff? I've been wanting to do another cycle.
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    SARM Prices

    Sarm prices have really gone up from a year ago. Any chance they could come down in the near future? Looking to run a LGD, S4, GW stack.