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  1. Joe S.

    Just an interesting perspective

    I was watching a video the other day from Phil Heath and I never looked at it the way he described it, more geared to someone running a cycle of some sort but even if not. I put myself in this category because it's how my body reacts best, I Kill each body part once a week, heal, recover, kill...
  2. Joe S.

    Nutrition Bulking/Maintenance

    I think I'm going to answer my own question here but was pondering this while driving to work this morning... I see a lot of diet post on bulking about upping the calories to lets just say 500-1,000 over maintenance to gain size and muscle. This makes sense as if you only ate at your...
  3. Joe S.

    Over the counter supps for...

    Hi Gents, just curious as to what good over the counter supps there are for helping with ligaments/ Tendons and stuff like that.. any recommendations? TIA Happy Mofo Friday!
  4. Joe S.

    Titan TD!

    So far I have used two sources here and both are top notch, this time I needed something extra and went with Titan Research for the first time and it was a simple and painless process as was the other source (9th Wonder), very quick and professional. Thanks CMB for the quick response and Titan...
  5. Joe S.

    Pre-loading syringes

    Hey Guys, Getting all my eggs in a basket to do a blast starting September 2nd. I have a question regarding preloading syringes. I am on TRT and inject test cyp once a week every Saturday right now. I'd like to split the blast to two injections a week. Sat/Tuesday. In order to save time...
  6. Joe S.

    Meal Prepping

    Yep pretty much sums me up, swap the donut for a brownie.
  7. Joe S.

    An interesting, entertaining fella

    Giant Dumbell row lol
  8. Joe S.

    Pin buying sites

    what was the site for the eze pins? or something like that. I thought I saved it in my favorites and when I googled it, cell phone pin numbers come up lol
  9. Joe S.

    Manscaping !

    For those of us who are cursed when it comes to body hair what is your means of removal, up until this point in life I just shave with a razor, once I'm tanned quite well that is usually not a problem with redness or anything but it only last a few days. I'm tempted to try waxing not worried...
  10. Joe S.

    Superb Service BGS!

    Just wanted to give a shout out to 9th and BGS. Grabbed two things not sure exactly when I'm going to start but wanted to get something's to build the stash. Had a slight problem with my trt vile leaking a little so grabbed some cyp in case I run out before I can refill script. Tbol is something...
  11. Joe S.

    Suppression/ Shutdown and AAs question

    Been researching this question and it's kind of hard to decipher from some technical talk and discussions, this may also help others in learning how things work and effect each other. When taking Testosterone itself you are replacing your natural production so your system stops making it's...
  12. Joe S.

    Mirror Mirror on the wall....

    The Mirror is a weird thing, some days I'll look into it and say damn all that work where's the damn results, and on other days I'll say damn looking friggin jacked your growing! Very odd thing for sure and some times it may only be hours apart I say both. But one thing for sure is I'm a...
  13. Joe S.

    Killer Cycle trt update

    Well now that I am on TRT I have a doc's appt tomorrow to go over my post injections level which was taken 4 days after last injection and gave me 883 total test and 21.5 free. On 100 mg cyp per week. I'm feeling better and still feel like I'm improving, libido is doing well, night time and...
  14. Joe S.

    Nutritional Information Question

    Okay I ate a can of chicken today, yes a can I know. The can said 12.5 oz after I strained the shit out of the can and dumped the meat into a container the weight of the chicken was 6 oz. Here lies my question, is the rating on the can as far as nutritional facts based on the 12.5 oz or...
  15. Joe S.

    Cable weight vs free weight

    Just curious if anyone knows or has an idea of the difference between both. I'm sure there has to be some kind of scientific explanation. For instance, I can bang out 4 sets of 10 with the cable rack of 200lbs doing curls with the cable curl bar, but I can't do 4 sets of 10 with 60 lb dumbells...
  16. Joe S.

    TRT Update

    Well My doc messaged me back yesterday about the Clomid issues, advised I stop taking it and recommended the next step be Test Gel. I know people on here say it's garbage for the most part or doesn't work, but I also read a post by Buen the other day and have seen other sites where the Gel...
  17. Joe S.

    Clomid/ Bloat

    So the Doc had me on 50 mg eod for 2 months, well after the first week, I noticed bloating, my stomach was distended pretty bad, I called doc and he said he was surprised as he hasn't had any complaints about that from any of his other patients. So we agreed that I would stop for 1 week and...
  18. Joe S.

    Okay which one of you guys is this? lol
  19. Joe S.

    Through the years of lifting...

    Bored at work and found some old pics a few days ago so made a collage lol. I'm in the back of the first one, took a lot of heat for that pic lol Top left I would be 31 yrs old Jan right I believe to be 37 yrs old. So around 2011. Bottom left 42 and BR 43. Pretty cool to see I've...
  20. Joe S.

    Follow up bloods

    Well I'll give a brief synopsis felt like crap and got test checked, appreciate thoughts. I had blood work done 11/21 total test 292, free test 5.4 lh 5.5 and fsh 5.1 Had it Redone 12/27 total test 397 free test 12.2 lh 3.3 fsh 4.3 He Put me on Clomid...