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  1. bodean30

    Hard time getting off

    I'll do my best not to get too 'TMI' here. I've been having a hard time getting off during sex. Libido is through the roof and I can hold a rock hard erection for a long time. I don't even get soft between rounds. The problem here is that it takes at least 30-45 minutes to get that first orgasm...
  2. bodean30

    It's ok to take time off...

    So I finally realized it's ok to take time off from the gym. It wasn't my choice, but it happened. I had to leave town for about 10 days for work in the middle of nowhere Texas. During those 10 days I constantly kept thinking about how I'm losing all my hard earned gains. About the only exercise...
  3. bodean30

    DMAA... Banned

    Well son of a bitch... I have to give a lot of respect to Hi-Tech for fighting this in court and not just rolling over. It's an uphill battle, but they dug in and fought. Who knows what will happen with the appeals, but in the meantime if you're a fan of DMAA then...
  4. bodean30

    Gym Playlist: What are you listening to?

    What are you guys jamming on your playlist at the gym? Always looking for new additions. Here's a couple from my playlist that had me pumped... Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  5. bodean30

    Mild Cycles

    Just read a pretty good article from T-Nation about the effectiveness of mild cycles. I think it's a pretty good read especially for those thinking about a first cycle. No you don't have to blast 500+ mg/wk to get killer results. Check it out...
  6. bodean30

    Getting Every Last Drop From Vials

    Do you guys have any tricks for getting every last drop of gear out of your vials? I have a good amount of empty vials and just so happened to look through them as I was adding another to the pile. I couldn't help but notice I would have a nice little gear cocktail if I could collect all the...
  7. bodean30

    This girl is ripped! Have you guys seen this chick?? Holy fuck is she ripped! Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  8. bodean30

    MGP TD and Review

    Let me first say that ThinD is an outstanding guy and very professional. Service is A+ with this guy. Very quick delivery. He is on par with the best sources here. Ordered over the weekend and waiting in the mailbox on Wednesday. I will update this thread as to the quality of the products in...
  9. bodean30

    Apps for Calories/Macros Tracking

    Do any of you guys use an app on your phone to track calories and macros? There are so many out there it's a bit overwhelming. I've been using MyFitnessPal by Under Armour. It is definitely awesome. You can scan any barcode and it brings all the nutritional value in. It's great for tracking...
  10. bodean30

    Paging Dr. Dorin...

    Pop quiz asshole. (It's from a movie) So for the past couple of days my outer right foot has been numb. Not completely numb, but numbness and tingling. Feels like it partially fell asleep. No pain or anything just a weird numbness. What do you think? Possibly Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome? I...
  11. bodean30

    Injecting Through Tattoos

    So I've always been curious if it's okay to inject through a tattoo, but never really researched it until recently. In the back of my mind I was always a little leary about doing so. I kept getting this visual of the needle pushing the ink deep into the muscle and something bad happening. Or...
  12. bodean30

    Fuck the Fucking Flu

    Is there nothing worse than getting sick in the middle of a cycle?!? Fuck me. I can usually push through workouts while I'm sick with a head cold or something, but this shit sucks. My lovely daughter always brings me her germs on the weekend so last weekend she brought me a wonderful stomach...
  13. bodean30


    Have any of you guys tried out DMHA? Supposedly it's the new and better version of DMAA. I love me some DMAA so this sounds right up my alley. A company close to me that sells nootropics is carrying it and I think I may just have to purchase a few grams. Check out this good write up if you...
  14. bodean30

    Favorite Needles

    I know this topic has been beat to death, but why not beat it some more... What's your favorite brand of needle? I've been using Terumo for a while and I can't say that I have any complaints. They are consistently sharp and flow very well even for 25g. I had to order some more, but opted to...
  15. bodean30

    "Some Guy at the Gym" Strikes Again

    There's this kid at one of our jobs. By "kid" I mean like 25 years old. This kid is somewhat overweight, but he's been going to the gym trying to lose weight and put on muscle. I applaud his efforts in that aspect. One day he starts asking me about supplements and this and that. He's never done...
  16. bodean30


    Have you guys seen this? Seems pretty cool. I know we don't really have to worry too much with the quality sources around here, but a pretty cool tool to have. Anybody have it or tried it? Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk
  17. bodean30

    Reminder About Aspirating

    I started off aspirating everytime I pinned. Obviously it's a great idea for beginners. After time I just started skipping it. I guess you start to just get a feel for it. The other week during one of my last pins of the cycle I could feel there was something different. I decided to aspirate...
  18. bodean30

    Non-Virgin Muscle PIP

    What in the hell?!? I have one of the worst cases of PIP I've ever had. I don't think my first shot even hurt like this. I'm on week 11 of a test cypionate cycle so it's not like this muscle doesn't know the drill by now. Of course it's the quad too so I'm walking like a damn gimp all day. I...
  19. bodean30

    Express Domestic Lab Results

    It's too bad Express Domestic up and left on everyone. Here's a mid cycle blood test I just got in. I've been running Express Domestic 500mg (split 250mg 2x week) test cypionate. Just took my mid cycle test at week 8. Test was done 48 hours after last pin. Seems like pretty decent results...
  20. bodean30

    Funny Pictures

    We all need a good laugh so lets post our funny pictures here. I'll start it off... Sent from my SM-G920P using Tapatalk