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    Tren A

    Any of you get a much stronger response from Tren A vs E? And that?s already taking into account the amount of pure Tren in each.
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    I read a post somewhere on these forums that YK-11 increases hair growth? Is that including on the head?
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    Iron def

    Anyone get low iron levels when bulking?
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    Sustanon vs Test E or Test P

    Any benefit to using sustanon over other esters? I know sustanon is a mix, I just don’t really see the point.
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    Body hair

    I have a lot of body hair, which makes seeing muscle in detail a lot harder. Are there options out there besides shaving very often or lasering it off?
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    Tren - Optimizing Your Capability To Use It

    Tren is powerful, but known for powerful sides. There is the mental/emotional and physical. Mental/Emotional: rage, insomnia, depression. These are symptoms of a high dopamine to serotonin ratio. Serotonin causes calm and contentment. Dopamine causes aggressiveness, anxiety, and is...
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    Minimum body fat muscle loss problem

    I know it’s individual, so I guess this is more like a poll. At what body fat % did you start needing chemical assists to avoid muscle loss while cutting (intelligently, no fads)?
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    Pharmacy shortages

    I’ve heard of some pharmacy shortages for testosterone in Australia and Canada in a TRT group I’m in on Facebook. In Canada, patients are being told to wait until the new year to get refills.
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    Red blood cells

    Which steroids are most effective for increasing RBCs?
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    What’s your favorite steroid or prohormone?
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    ER-A vs ER-B

    Depending on the type of estrogen receptor activated, increased estrogen levels can be for good or not in male bodybuilders. ER-B agonists: genistein, coumestrol, 8b-VE2
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    Your thoughts on this

    I’ve been finding this belief on a TRT clinic forum. Nandrolone replacing testosterone for HRT. Nandrolone converts to similar things as testosterone but at smaller amounts, and instead of converting to DHT it converts to a weaker form called DHN. It also doesn’t convert to a metabolite used in...
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    Cutting comparison

    For this comparison, please assume I recklessly don’t care whatsoever about the side effects of the chemicals involved. Assume 14%-15% body fat, age 30’s. What would be better (in terms of holding muscle, high energy, faster fat loss) for cutting purposes? TestP+TrenA+Winstrol vs...
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    What’s been your experience with hgh frag?

    How’s it compare to Cardarine or SR9009? I know it functions differently.
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    How difficult is it to find peptides like bpc-157 inside Brazil? I know sending it through customs is considered risky and very difficult. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    What’s the best steroid/sarm for getting a significant pump? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Cycle idea

    Test 210mg/wk, Tren E 210mg/wk, Trestolone 210mg/wk Wondering if this is at all synergistic, or if the Trest and Tren together would kind of be a waste? Not too worried about side effects, I’ve run test and tren together at 500mg/wk without needing an AI or prolactin inhibitor. Liver values...
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    SR9009 dehydrated

    How much more water do you drink while on SR9009? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Side Effect Information

    We all know different steroids have various degrees of side effects. Often, higher androgen values lead to greater or more numerous side effects. There was a study done (Bayer?) a few years ago. In your DNA is something called CAG Repeat, which determines the sensitivity of the androgen...
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    Hey, kind of curious because it’s difficult finding info even on google. For those who have been doing enhanced (steroids, sarms) bodybuilding/powerlifting for at least a year, what is your height, weight, and total skeletal muscle mass? Bone mass too if you know (less commonly checked)...