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  1. Dethmetl

    Stuck Tracking

    What's the longest any of you have had tracking stay in one spot? Going on 5 days on a pack right now and it's irritating to say the least!! So just wondering how long before you say F-it. And has anyone ever had a pack just get lost or not delivered at all?
  2. Dethmetl


    Just wondering how many guys just cruise between cycles and don't PCT. A self-prescribed TRT so to speak. Not sure what makes more sense at this point in my life. I am on my heaviest cycle ever at the moment. Going to total around 20 weeks once complete. Have pharma Clomid and Aromasin for pct...
  3. Dethmetl


    What's up guys? Would like to introduce myself to the board. I am also a transfer from Evo and heard about this forum and was instantly interested. Been reading around here and liking what I'm seeing. I'm not going to bash Evo as I learned a lot there, and see it as a stepping stone into this...