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    first cycle

    sarmsx is deffinatly a go to
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    Thank you 44 and Hippo👍🏻

    44 is the fuckin man and hippocampus is amazing quality !!! :)
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    Looks solid and well thought out but yes we could use some more detail to really help you :)
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    buy Sarms uk

    sarmsx for sure
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    Holidays means free cheat day?

    you don't take a break on diet if you're serious
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    hgh hypotropin

    go to Dylan's channel on youtube you'll fin =d what you need
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    thanks for the post !
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    Week 5 cycle update

    nice work keep it up !
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    Is legit

    never heard of them . lots of great sources here if you look
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    Doctor Suggestion

    endocrinologist if you can find one that knows what the fuck there doing.
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    sarms company inquiry

    be careful who you trust man your putting that shit into your body without knowing if the source is reputable ?
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    BCAA Recommendation

    bpi or bluster is good and tasty
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    Thank you Pharmacom

    gaaaaiiiinnnnsssss !!
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    Planning my first cycle

    You shoud think about a test only cycle at maybe 300mg. Your going to have no idea how your body responds to any of that. stop trying to become superman overnight its a marathon not a sprint .
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    Turinabol Help

    not smart at all man , you need to do more research before you even think about aas. Not trying to be rude but you can and will destroy your life and I'm not about that shit. spam watch Dylan's videos and read all the articles here . there is no short cut
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    Test E and anxity

    I have anxiety and when I went on my first cycle it did rise it but after my first cycle I haven't had any issues at all. if you ever need to talk I'm here just shoot me a message or dm me on Instagram @ cpfitness_8 I'm always here for you and anyone else that needs to talk !
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    44 years old

    Thats a perfect cycle for you !
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    ball size VS natural test production

    hell yeah ladies go crazy .