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  1. KRT

    TUDCA - Unexpected potential uses

    As if TUDCA wasn't already stellar enough, I found an interesting PubMed article on the role TUDCA plays in apoptosis (regular and naturally occuring cell death) as well as it's protective properties. Wanted to share.
  2. KRT

    IF/Fasted Cardio (RICKROCK!!!)

    So, I am curious about something...I would really like to get my BF down about 2% and would appreciate and love some input from the likes of RickRock and others who have experience with IF and Fasted Cardio... I'm into my 3rd day of intermittent fasting and fasted cardio in the am. My question...
  3. KRT

    Blood donation..

    Today is donation day. Hematocrit was 54. Cut off is 54. Any higher and I couldn't donate... Been waiting 40 minutes. She asked if I took exogenous testosterone. Was going to be real upset if this is how I spent my lunch break to be deferred. Ready to get this motor oil thinned ouy lmao. Sent...
  4. KRT

    TUDCA Brand

    I attempted to search older posts for some brand recommendations and hate to have to create an entirely new thread for this but can someone please recommend a solid TUDCA brand they've personally used?
  5. KRT

    MGP TD & love

    I've been using MGP since he was getting off the ground and I am without a doubt a loyal customer. I had ordered some gear for a cycle and ended up requesting and paying for something that was mistakenly out of inventory (decatest 400). D was awesome about getting ahold of me and brokering a...
  6. KRT

    Mgp td.

    Already had some of Thin's test e but snagged some of his EQ and Tren. Paid and shipped same day, arrived 2 days early. Tren was smooth. Looking forward to continuing to work with Thin Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G900A using Tapatalk
  7. KRT

    Another Valhalla TD!

    Man, NY is a boss. He was at the post office for me a few hours after I ordered to ensure I had my EQ by Saturday. Had a bit of a scare with my post lady delivering it to the house next door but I sorted that out. EQ is smooth as butter. Continually seeing and experiencing great things from NYC...
  8. KRT

    Pharma Lady TD! (gearporn included!)

    Jumped on the autumn 6 for price of 4 10ml vials of Test-E 300. Ordered 23rd, shipped on 25th, cleared customs in a matter of hours, delivered this morning! Must say packaging was absolutely stellar and discrete. Highly appreciate the quick response times from PL herself, she was super helpful...
  9. KRT

    Valhalla order!

    Was in a jam Sunday evening and was glad to find NY Robo so willing to help. He had it in the mail Monday! Got a 30ml of Test E. early this morning and pinned some. Super smooth. Always a quick response and was willing to help from the get go. No hassle, very impressed, will definitely shop with...