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  1. Topps_Baseball88

    Quick bulking update S4S Rad 140 Lgd S4 Gw

    So other than a few life setbacks I am back boys and I've still been lifting strong throughout all the struggles as of late, this is me at 5'11 240lbs currently , I posted a picture of me shirtless from 6 months ago and one from the other day. All other pictures are currently while on my 2nd...
  2. Topps_Baseball88

    5 months of gym progress one S4S cycle and start of my second cycle

    This is my progress so far from being off the gym with lock downfor 3 months to being back at the gym for 5 months First cycle was Rad and Mk2866 GW SR9009 12 weeks Pct and just started my second cycle 8 days ago Rad 140 Lgd S4 GW recomp is my current goals with this second cycle, I think...
  3. Topps_Baseball88

    S4S touchdown 😎💪

    I present the nectar of the S4S gods 😄🥳
  4. Topps_Baseball88

    S4S best customer service

    Ordered my package 2 days ago they said it would be here on the 13th, that shit got here today at 2pm, now if that is not lightning fast I dont know what is ! Reasons like that along with hand written thank you and the highest quality around, is why it's my go to source! Also they got a sale...
  5. Topps_Baseball88

    Look what came in the mail today S4S

    One step closer at collecting all my bottles for my next cycle, been one heck of a ride already , I'm pumped ! Got all my S4 and Lgd now just need my Rad 140 and GW and we are in business for my next 12 week cycle. Have to give a huge thank you as with the current situation...
  6. Topps_Baseball88

    The edge with sarms💪😎 (

    So as most already know I'm 31 5'11 224lbs and have lifted natural my entire life. So this year I took the plunge after being curious about sarms and discovering the rebound and suppression is mild compared with AAS. So I started my cycle June 4th and its currently July 25th , now since lock...
  7. Topps_Baseball88

    Just a little sneak peak of my next S4S cycle

    Again another homerun by S4S shipped out July 8th got to me today by Friday july 10th , you just cant beat this company's excellent service. Side note I like the metal caps as well!
  8. Topps_Baseball88

    GW501516 my experience so far

    GW501516 is unlike anything I have ever experienced before, I can say without question it is my favorite out of my entire cycle, when I first started cardio 2 weeks ago after being off for 3 months it was horrible I could barely handle 30 minutes with a small inclined position. Fast forward...
  9. Topps_Baseball88

    /Rad 140/ Mk2866/ GW501516/ SR9009/ 12 week Log

    Just and update for anyone who wants to follow my first sarms cycle and my progression throughout 😎 Age 31 Weight 215lbs 5'11 All Sarms are from and will be used for this cycle as I know it's a trusted source and quality choice with top notch customer service 💪 Rad 140=20mg a...
  10. Topps_Baseball88

    My full 12 week sarms cycle has arrived ( Rad 140 , Mk2866 GW501516, Sr9009)

    My full 12 week sarms cycle has arrived ( Rad 140 , Mk2866 ,GW501516 , Sr9009) I just had to share my excitement that my full stack is all here and arrived and in excellent condition, I attached a picture hopefully it uploads 😎
  11. Topps_Baseball88

    Just a general question and a thank you.

    I have been training natural for the last 9 years roughly, since the lock down and gyms shut down, I have decided I would take the Plunge into my first sarm stack. Looking more for cycle length cycle dosages pct protocol and how long 30ml bottles will last me of my mk2866 sr9009 and GW I...