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  1. ironlifter36

    Not sure what to make of this....vets?

    I have noticed a pattern over the years as I switch between clean bulking and cutting, but I am not sure how to interpret what I am experiencing. I am 38, 5'10, 175lbs around 10-11% BF. My maintenance is around 2700. I generally start a clean bulk around 2900-3000 at about 260P, 320C and 65F...
  2. ironlifter36

    International Travel and Prescription Test

    I know this topic has been discussed under slightly different circumstances and I think I already know my answer, however thought I would see if anyone had any personal experience with this. I am suppose to be heading to Jamaica this weekend for my honeymoon and the vacation falls during my...
  3. ironlifter36

    Thanks to MGP

    I wanted to thank Thin D at MGP once again for sponsoring the 12 week transformation contest. Contacted him to redeem my prize, communication / service were on point and delivery was fast. Thanks again.
  4. ironlifter36

    Shout out to Roids 24

    Big thanks once again to Roids 24 for sponsoring the 12 week transformation contest. Communication was easy, professional and delivery was fast. Thanks again Roids24!
  5. ironlifter36

    Shout out to Titan

    I just wanted to thank Titan again for sponsoring the 12 week transformation contest. I contacted him afterwards to redeem my prize, communication was professional and delivery was super fast. Thanks again Titan.
  6. ironlifter36

    Ironlifter36's 12 Week Transformation Log

    Hello ISarms family! Before I jump into my stats, goals and meal plan, I thought I would tell you a little about myself and what fitness means to me. I was the fat kid growing up. My first addiction was to food and I used it to control the way I felt. Yes, I more or less ate my feelings. Around...
  7. ironlifter36

    Federal TD

    I wanted to give a shout out to The Federal. Seeing positive reviews and post, I decided to give him a try. Communication was excellent and he even accommodated my shipment around the Holiday. The package arrived without delay and was discreetly packed. For inquiring minds, I picked up some Tbol...
  8. ironlifter36

    1st Cycle 8 Week Update & Progress Pics

    These are my starting pics. Starting Stats: 36yo 5'10 170LBS Fat Caliper Measurements: Stomach 7mm, Chest 8mm & Leg 7mm (Book said 7.5% BF, I guessed closer to 9%BF) Diet: Training Days 2800Cal 260P, 300C & 60F Non-Training Days 2500Cal 260P 230C 60F Cycle...
  9. ironlifter36

    Big thanks to Valhalla

    I wanted to give a quick shout out to Valhalla. I couldn't stand watching everyone else on here enjoy a new product when I wasn't, so I decided to get a few samples to try out - Test Cyp and some Test Ace. ( Sorry I dont do gear porn ). Communication was excellent and shipping was extremely...
  10. ironlifter36

    Help from the experienced guys

    Stats 37yo 5'10 177LB 11% BF Current Cycle: 1-12 350mg Test 1-6 TBOL 1-12 AI 12.5 EOD PCT N/A TRT I am currently 7 weeks into my 1st cycle and am starting to get a slight irritation in my left nipple. There is a tiny bump the size of a bb just behind the nipple. I am...
  11. ironlifter36

    Special thanks to BGS and 9th Wonder

    I wanted to give a special thanks to BGS and 9th wonder! I ordered some supplies several months ago for my first upcoming cycle. As it turned out, one of the "lesser important" items happened to be out of stock and there was going to be a delay in getting the product. No problem, these things...
  12. ironlifter36

    Blood Test Question

    I ordered a blood test 6 weeks ago through Private MD Labs. Quick, simple and super easy. I took the basic female hormone blood test that included Test levels capped at 1500. Does anyone know the blood test I should get for uncapped test levels?
  13. ironlifter36

    Feedback and Suggestions on my diet

    Hey guys, I just started a cycle 3 weeks ago and wanted to get some advice and feedback regarding my nutrition. The goal of this cycle is to add lean mass. Prior to beginning this cycle, I spent about a year in a nice, controlled cut. I went from about 22% BF down to about 9% BF and have never...
  14. ironlifter36

    Thanks to 9th Wonder for his A+ Service

    I wanted to give a big thanks to 9th Wonder for his top notch service. This was my first order ever and 9th help guide me through the process. He was extremely helpful, professional and replied to PM's/emails quickly. Delivery was CRAZY fast....2 days to be exact. Thanks again bro!
  15. ironlifter36

    Carb Spill Over FACT or Fiction?

    I been doing some reading and come across a few articles talking about carb spill over. I do not have the article to link at the moment, but have read several over the course of a year. I seem confused at the concept of the body storing energy as fat while in a maintenance or deficit state...
  16. ironlifter36

    IM vs. Sub Q

    I recently started TRT and am doing IM injections. I have a buddy, also on TRT, whose Doc has him do Sub Q injections. I did a little research and read the difference really being the depth of the injection. The article also offered up some other advantages for Sub Q. However, I have not seen or...
  17. ironlifter36

    Cycle/PCT and TRT

    Hey guys, I am in the process of researching and learning so that I follow proper protocol down the road. If I'm on TRT and were to do a Test cycle, what would be the proper transition be in regards to PCT and going back to my normal TRT regimen? Would I run a normal PCT-with No Test -then go...
  18. ironlifter36

    New to the site and TRT

    Hi guys, I went to my doctor 6 months ago to get a routine check up. I was experiencing low energy, low libido and some loss of muscle mass ( though I worked out 4-5 days a week). He did a complete blood test and unknown to me at the time had my testosterone checked as well. The results came...