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  1. Cwrose1

    HGH frag?

    Ok someone break this down.... HGH frag? What?s the skinny Dose and dosing sched? Starting a test e/ tren e/ mast cycle. I have run many cycles amd have all the ancillaries. Counting macros 50/30/20 split. Thinking about 10 weeks. I tolerate tren well .also running cycle support for liver/...
  2. Cwrose1

    Stoked cutting cycle

    5 year anniversary!!!! Love it and new cycle Ok bros.... tommor is 5 years since I joined this family and ran my First cycle. I have learned so much and now pass on info In hoping to help others. THANK YOU to everyone Here is my cutting cycle I am starting Test E 600 12 weeks Mast E 500...
  3. Cwrose1

    Question on YK11

    Ok bro?s I?ve been on here awhile and run many cycles... getting ready for a cutting cycle 600 test e 500 mast e 400 tren e 20 mg GW 50156. ( split dose) 12 weeks I have been away for a bit and have been seeing this YK11.... I have used used most sarms with success but never YK I NEED AN...
  4. Cwrose1


    Hey looking for a good domestic source for pins... any help?
  5. Cwrose1

    New cycle!!!!

    My 6th cycle... going for bulk. I wanna put on some size. 43 yo 11-12% bf 245 #s 1-20 600 test cyp 1-20 600 deca 1-20 900 eq 1-6 dbol 40 I have cycle support also Also I have a little masteron should I toss a low dose of that in? I was thinking about that due to mast ability to prevent...
  6. Cwrose1

    Blood test??

    Ok just double checking female panel correct? Privatemdlabs Anyone have a discount code? Thanks !!!
  7. Cwrose1

    First tren cycle... finally

    Alright so here we go 5th cycle 42 yo 246# 6'7" About 13% bf Training 4-5x week Macros are 50/30/20 at 2700 cals I'm starting my first tren cycle will be running valhalla test cyp 500 mg and his tren ace as well as phurious tren storm I've had waiting forever. I'm planning a 16 week run. So my...
  8. Cwrose1

    FML it's that time again!!!!!

    Here we go again.... I'm 42 6'7" 248#s. I've done 4 cycles and gearing up for my next so I'm cutting right now. Last cycle was test deca and I ate a lot so I put on a little extra I don't want. So IMO best way to start the shred off right is the good old tuna diet. This will be the third time...
  9. Cwrose1

    Looking for a little advice tren cycle

    Ok so I've been part of this family for awhile now and I know I'm gonna get the correct advice. Ok so planning on my 4th cycle... just finished 400 test and deca using dbol and winstrol. I have not had any issues at all with my test or deca. So I have a mix bag and looking for advice. I have 30...
  10. Cwrose1

    XXX question?

    I seem to remember reading about this product helping us guys hold tents up for hours. I thought it was sarmsx but I didn't see it. Any help?
  11. Cwrose1

    Well it finally happened...fuck

    I've been on a 16 week valhalla run 400/400 test deca kicked with dbol and finishing with winny. Suffered my first shoulder injury. I hit traps really hard and woke up the next day hating life.Not a rotator but I think I pissed off my coracoacromial ligament. Fucking unreal.... so I've taken the...
  12. Cwrose1

    Valhalla kills it again

    Paid for my order in Thursday... the week prior I had dropped and broken a 30 ml test, had to replace it. I also ordered some tren for a future cycle. Today in my mailbox is my test,tren and some free oral winny! Thank you NY and of course his better half for the amazing customer service
  13. Cwrose1

    Ny clear your inbox

    Bro trying to PM you
  14. Cwrose1

    Third cycle log. Deca/test dbol and sarms GAAAIIINNNZZZ

    Ok here we go I'm one week in and feeling great Stats 42 yo 225# 6'7" Around 12% bf Macros will be 40/40/20 starting with 3000 calls and will most likely up to 3500-4000 Cycle will be 16 weeks 1-16 test 400 mg Valhalla 1-16 deca 400 mg Valhalla 1-6 dbol 30mg ed robo 12-16 winstrol 50mg ed robo...
  15. Cwrose1

    What's worse than dropping and breaking a new 10ml of test?

    How's about dropping and breaking my new 30ml from Valhalla... today was black Wednesday... FML
  16. Cwrose1

    Valhalla, Robo and Sarmsx ! Perfect customer service!

    So most of you know I'm starting my 3rd cycle very soon Valhalla test/deca Robo dbol and winny Sarmsx Valhalla lightning fast service with a shredded blue unicorn. Robo shipped same day, tracking confirms I'll have Wednesday. Sarmsx also fast and tracking confirms I'll have Wednesday. All...
  17. Cwrose1

    Amazing service! Valhalla gainnnz train

    Ordered on Thursday I have my test/deca in hand today. unreal! Thanks bro
  18. Cwrose1

    How can Valhalla do this to me!!????

    Well I sent payment this morning and I got an email that says I will have on Saturday the 19th! What the fuck! That's amazingly fast service!!!!!thanks bro I will be running his test and deca.....I will be doing bloods about half way and will post.
  19. Cwrose1

    3rd cycle... EPIC

    Ok everything is getting ordered tommorow, this will be my 3rd cycle. Stats 42yo 222# 6'7" around 12% bf...I'm pretty lean looking to bulk. Diet will be 3000 cal 40/40/20 This will be a mix of Valhalla and robo and sarmsx 1-14 weeks test/deca 400mg Valhalla 1-4 dbol 30mg robo 10-14 50 mg winny...
  20. Cwrose1

    Black Friday is Sarmsx

    So does anyone know if sarmsx will be doing any sales for the upcoming holiday?