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  1. Biglexi

    Another prep with 1SDS

    Here we go again .... 14 weeks out from stage time. Whole prep will be run on products from 1Stop Domestic Shop of course that?s my trusted source and has been for years now Right now I?m sitting at 263 as if this am and running test cyp at 800mg NPP at 200mg and Primo at 400 mg arimidex 0.5...
  2. Biglexi

    New year new goals??? 1SDS

    Ok guys so we are getting to the end of this shitty awful and messed up year!!! Let?s hope that next year will be much better then this one. Actually anything different will be better then what we?ve had to deal with so far. So guys give me some of your goals for this upcoming year that will...
  3. Biglexi

    1 Stop Domestic Shop questions

    Guys I have been thinking how I could contribute here more instead just posting my progress pix when I?m in prep. I get a lot of questions behind the scenes about 1Stop Domestic Shop and their products and how when to use them or my experience with certain compounds. So I figured everybody could...
  4. Biglexi

    1 Stop Domestic Shop

    This is what you can expect when u order from 1 Stop Shop!!! It truly is a one stop shop !!! Whatever you need they have it !! If they don?t which I doubt they will get it!! Ask for a list and you will see for yourself !! Great stuff!! But you already know that !! This post might be more...
  5. Biglexi

    Merry Christmas

    Hey guys !!! Want to wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New and productive full of gains Year!!! I was just thinking back and today is exactly 4 years when I finally convinced IWGF to hook me up with the first order as he really didn’t know my from the whole in a wall and didn’t want to take...
  6. Biglexi

    Offseason Pinnacle/Axiom 1-Stop Domestic Shop!

    Three weeks post show!! Sitting at 254 ish pretty much back feeling my normal self. Energy is high appetite is great workouts are super productive, recovery is spot on!! Let’s see how this off season goes for me!! Right now running low dose TRT of test prop letting everything level off. At this...
  7. Biglexi

    My prep with EUP/Peak Performance

    So I’m gonna start new log here with my prep for November shows using Axio/PP gear. So we moved from the off season to prep. Those pix were taken this am for my coach. We are 11 weeks out weight 263 today. Def getting leaner but yet weight is not dropping that much. At this point test cyp...
  8. Biglexi


    Hello. It’s and girls. As you know I’m in the middle of my off season which is going extremely well. I have never eaten so much in my life and yet been so hungry all the time. Lol anyway spoke with my coach and we are thinking throwing MENT into the mix soon. I have a vial at home but I’m...
  9. Biglexi


    I have a question to a moderator. What am I doing wrong because I tried to post my new post with some pix but none of it got posted. The message popped up that my post had to be approved by a moderator. And it’s been over 24 hours and nothing. Posted three times and nothing. Can someone...
  10. Biglexi

    My offseason with Axio/PeakPerformance IWGF

    Ok I’m trying to post this for the second time hopefully it will work this time around. Sitting at 260 in the morning. Had my bloods done 5 weeks post show and I’m practically fully recovered. Liver enzymes lightly elevated which was to be expected everything else is in perfect order. Very...
  11. Biglexi

    Offseason with axio/peak performance

    What’s up guys!!! Recover phase is coming to the end. Blood work done and it’s perfect. I can’t believe how quickly I recovered. Everything is in perfect range but liver enzymes still slightly elevated but that was to be expected. Kidneys are great cholesterol is great CBC is great. You are...
  12. Biglexi

    Axio/EU pharmaceutical

    Just wanted to show you guys how professional this gear looks and trust me works like a charm. Great stuff and as solid as they come. It’s pretty much pharma grade gear. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Biglexi

    My prep with IWGF ,Axio and Peak Performance

    What’s up guys!!! I hope everybody is doing well. I am!! I just received my package from IWGF and there they were!!! Everything looks great. Very excited to pin axio stuff. Looks great all fully sealed top and bottom. Placed the order Thursday and came in today with MLK holiday in between...
  14. Biglexi

    Big Lexi IWGF update

    Hello boys and girls!!!! I am so sorry for such a long silence but we had major set back here in our household. Well Mrs biglexi had an unfortunate accident and I wish I could tell u she was lifting massive amounts of weight but that’s not a case at all. Well she tore her ACL and meniscus and...
  15. Biglexi

    IWGF order

    Boys and girls. Needed refill on my current run. Put the order in Thursday and drone arrived today. Lightning fast safe and sound. Very excited to try new blends. Mrs Lexi took primo last year from Power Rx if I remember correctly that IWGF hooked me u with and that oil was in fire. She made...
  16. Biglexi

    IWGF bulk

    What is up boys and girls!!! It's time to hit it hard again. After successful ready period for the body it's time to grow. In the recovery period i dropped the weight down to 274 which was about 10 pounds. Strength stayed up surprisingly which was great. I just ran my trt dose of prop 100 mg...
  17. Biglexi

    IWGF source

    Hey gang Decided to move the progression of the prep under new title as we have started using different compounds but all from the same source IWGF. Currently sitting 5 weeks out I. Those pix leaning out nicely. Making very good and steady progress. At this point just T3 clen var and nolvadex...
  18. Biglexi


    Boys and girls !!!! Superman just landed couple days ago. Quick and secure as always. What you see here is just a begging of my prep for national level stage in CP however if I outgrow it so be it. I hope you guys remember my prep for my last two shows in October. I ran all BGS gear and got it...
  19. Biglexi


    Just picked up those two beauty. Thanks buddy I will definitely give them a try as I'm on prop right now. Will give u guys honest review and how it works out for me. Thanks again it was very nice of you to let me try it. Sent from my SM-G930V using Tapatalk
  20. Biglexi

    Weekend IWGF flash sale results

    As you all know IWGF just had a sale over the weekend all his pharma grade stuff. Well I took advantage of it and there you go. Today the big drone landed with all the goodies!!!! I mean look at it !!!! As always great service ridiculous fast shipping. It all landed in less then two days!!! Big...