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    Lockdown_Cycle INterruption after 1st week (Question)

    Hey guys, would like to ask a question. 6 days ago i started a cycle with dbol, test enanthate and deca. My plan was to do: - 40mg dbol ED (4 weeks) - 250mg test every 5 days (14 weeks) - 250mg deca every 5 days (14 weeks) - 12,5mg aromasin EOD And after two-week break PCT for 6 weeks. I am...
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    First Cycle - Comments/Opinions

    Hey guys, again many thanks for this page also from my side. It brought me lots of new knowledge. Some basic facts about me: - Age: 34 - Weight: 81 Kg - Height 177 cm - Lifting: 6 years - Body Fat: 14% Target: increase strength, build lean mass; not to start with the heaviest cycle but take...