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  1. gekfeks

    Blasting and Cruising w/Sarms on Cruis

    Hello all, I’ve been blasting 500mgs of just test for 12 weeks, I’ll be cruising at 150mgs. I am curious about incorporating a Sarm into my cruise. Any advice would be helpful. Thank you
  2. gekfeks

    Sarms Bridge

    So, I’ve watched the Gemelli’s YouTube on Sarms vs. Steriods and Sarms Bridging. I just wanted to get some more details here. I’m a month out from my last pin and I’m looking to do a simple sarms bridge. I’m currently at 350mg test only. I haven’t experienced any sides whatsoever and have...
  3. gekfeks

    First Cycle Test Only

    So, I am wanting to start a simple cycle of just test. I’m 30 years old and have a highly active lifestyle and my diet is dialed in. I just got my blood work about and I’m sitting at 700 total test. I’m wanting to know what a good dosage of test would be. I’m aware that 500 is the “norm”...
  4. gekfeks

    Aromasin vs Liquidex

    During cycle which is a better on to run; Aromasin or Liquidex? Also, why either one over the other?
  5. gekfeks

    First Cycle and SARMS

    Dear Dylan, Hello, sir! first off just wanted to say thank you. I've been doing A LOT of research about starting my first cycle and not just a week of watching videos but asking questions and doing actual research, and you have been the number one help. First, I'll give you a brief "bio"...