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    Test/Tren Cycle Review

    I wanted to lay out my cycle and have you guys add any advice or suggestions. I come here for the brute honesty and experienced professionals. Age: 36 Height: 5'9" Weight: 189 Body fat: 16% - yes a little fluffy than desired. I'm fully confident in my diet and exercise while on cycle to combat...
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    Test / Tren Cycle Critique

    Alright fellas. I've stocked up for my next swole adventure. After numerous discussions with Dylan and many other pros on this board I feel I have a solid cycle planned. And thanks to them I believe I have fine tuned my PCT. I would still love some cirque though. I just got my blood test...
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    Summer Cruise!

    Let's breakdown the pros and cons of a cruise. I personally see an influx of fat gain during my PCT. After PCT and about 4 to 6 weeks I start to level out. Now keep 2 things in mind. My diet and routine are not pristine off cycle. Energy levels and comfort food I suppose. Also my normal test...
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    To ANAVAR or not to ANAVAR

    I just finished a very satisfying cycle with Test Cyp 250, 500 mg per week, Tren E 200, 400 mg per week and exestmestane. Pretty solid PCT. I've been reading a lot about the benefits of ANVAR being introduced halfway into a cycle like this. If I saw such great results without it should I even...